Vučić to journalist N1: You say that I was born negatively and a criminal, so I’m not suing you

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said that there are always many critical messages in the European Union’s reports on Serbia and that he believes that this time they will primarily refer to the non-introduction of sanctions against Russia.

“It is important to me that they will praise the elections in Kosovo with a turnout of one percent, that they tell me that these are European values,” Vučić told reporters after laying the foundation stone for the Radnički Sports and Recreational Center in Belgrade.

He added that elections in which one percent of the people participate are “a miracle of pluralism” and that it is a “miracle of democracy” when voting takes place in police containers and stations.

“It is important to me what they will tell me about Serbia’s economy. “I am most interested in how people in Serbia see our progress,” said Vučić.

He added that it was a wise decision of the President of the Party of Kosovo Serbs, Aleksandar Jablanović, to withdraw from the election race in Kosovo, and that not even 100 Serbs living in Kosovo will participate in the elections.

“They think they can make the Serbs love an independent Kosovo by force, and in the end you will see, they united the Serbian people. “No one will go to the police container and vote for the occupying Gauleiter Aljbin Kurti,” said Vučić.

He added that “Serbia must pay the price for its independence and sovereign policy”.

“And it’s not a problem to pay it. I wasn’t too upset about that,” he said.

When asked what will happen the day after, Vučić said: “I hear there will be more sun on Monday, it will start raining on Tuesday, the Serbs will survive despite all their efforts to expel them and that they do not like the only country they have, and that country is unique for all of us, it is called Serbia”.

In the document that N1 had access to, Telekom Srbija will still, despite the company’s lobbying, be marked in the European Parliament’s report on Serbia’s progress, as a company that is suspected of abusing its dominant position on the market, as well as that the ruling party is using Telekom in order to increase its influence on the media in Serbia.

Vučić told the journalist of the N1 television that “they are trying to condemn a state company for the sake of one tycoon”, and that he will always fight for state companies.

And several opposition parties have been indicating for several months that children from Pećine were left without a place in kindergarten because their family members are sympathizers or members of the Democratic Party , which participated in the farmers’ protests. In the meantime, the commissioner of SNS for Pećince even sued one of the mothers who spoke about the case in public.

When asked about this, Vučić said that “it is not the job of the President of the Republic to deal with private lawsuits”.

“We are building a kindergarten that will leave waiting lists in the past, and you have to explain to me whether someone will privately file a lawsuit. Well, for example, you say about me that I was born negatively, that I am a criminal involved in the Jovanjica affair, so I am not suing you. And even when I don’t sue you, you find a way to sue me because I offended you, because I said a lie is a lie. And now you are asking me why someone sued someone privately! I don’t care, what do you want – to go from house to house and forbid someone to sue someone privately. Is that the president’s job? My job is to ensure that there are kindergartens for all children, that there is no discrimination, that’s what we’re working on,” said Vučić.

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