“Vučić or Vučević – same party, different package”: What can be expected from the change in the top of SNS?

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, announced last night that he is stepping down from the leadership of the SNS, and Miloš Vučević , the current Minister of Defense, was elected as the new leader of the progressive party on Saturday.

At the same time, Vučić announced the establishment of the Movement for the People and the State, emphasizing that from today he will be “the president of all citizens of Serbia, not a political party.”

Danas interlocutors believe that the arrival of Vučević at the head of the SNS will not fundamentally change, and that Vučić will continue to pull all the strings both in the SNS and in the state.

When asked what we can expect from Miloš Vučević , DS MP Srđan Milivojević told Danas that we can expect him to be the bankruptcy trustee of the Serbian Progressive Party, “who will take more care of the shares of the Vučić brothers in that political organization before its shutdown, and less about the continuation of its political activity”.

  • Vučić realized that the brand of the Serbian Progressive Party was completely spent in a sea of ​​affairs and that it was time to leave the progressive Titanic, just as he once left the Serbian Radical Party. The resignation of the leader of the Serbian Progressive Party is a belated act and comes at a moment when it is clear to everyone that that party, together with its membership, has become ballast for Aleksandar Vučić – believes Milivojević.

MP Sanda Rašković Ivić points out for Danas that Vučić will introduce new people, non-party figures, into his movement, thereby “selling” the story that he is starting from scratch, and everything bad related to the regime will remain in the old SNS.

According to her, Vučević is impersonal enough and loyal and obedient enough to (p)remain the keeper of the fire of the SNS torn apart by internal dissatisfaction and burdened with affairs and personnel of dubious abilities and morals.

  • It is certain that the SNS cadres that Vučić chooses will become part of the movement. I’m sure that SNS also wants that, but not everyone can see each other, because the face of the movement needs to be new and washed. The snake’s sheath will be discarded from SNS and a real competition will arise among the cadres in their desire to be invited and included in the new body. And everything is a fraud, from the name of the movement “for the state”, as if everyone else is against the state – points out Rašković Ivić.

NUNS President Željko Bodrožić reminds that Vucevic is known for targeting journalists, and believes that he will not be independent in his work.

  • SNS is losing popularity, and Vučić is looking for a new cloak to cover himself under – says Bodrožić.

He adds that we didn’t hear any spectacular messages at yesterday’s meeting, but Vučić spent a lot of money and harassed many people.

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