Turkish intelligence eliminates top PKK terrorist in Iraq

A PKK terrorist accused of ordering a 2017 attack in Türkiye, was “neutralized” by National Intelligence Organization (MIT) in northern Iraq, security sources said Wednesday. The term is used to indicate terrorists killed or captured in operations.

The terrorist was identified as Abdulkahar Karasaç, also known as Alişer Çiya. He was part of PKK’s so-called “special force.” Karasaç has ordered a 2017 attack at a courthouse in the western Turkish province of Izmir, according to security sources.

The attack, a rare instance of terrorism in Izmir, Türkiye’s third-largest city, was thwarted with the heroic efforts of police officer Fethi Sekin. Sekin was killed as he engaged in a firefight against the terrorists on Jan. 5, 2017.

Musa Can, a courthouse employee, was killed in the attack. At the same time, Sekin’s efforts ultimately blocked an all-out assault on the crowded courthouse by the terrorist group which also blew up a car bomb outside the courthouse.

Sekin managed to kill one of two terrorists while backup forces arriving at the scene killed the other. Delil Hiso, a Syrian national, is currently on trial for supplying the bombs found in the possession of terrorists. İsa Zorlu, who was accused of supplying the cars used in the attack and connection with Karasaç, was released in an earlier hearing due to lack of evidence. Turkish authorities have issued a red notice for Karasaç, who left Türkiye about five days before the Izmir attack.

Karasaç, who also worked in the development of “aerial vehicles” for the terrorist group, was under surveillance for a while by MIT, security sources said. He was behind a string of attacks by the PKK in Türkiye where small drones and model planes were used.

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