MİT eliminates Interpol-wanted PKK terrorist in Syria

The National Intelligence Organization (MİT) has eliminated a PKK terrorist wanted by Interpol in northern Syria’s Qamishli.

The terrorist Abdurrahman Çadırcı was identified as the so-called executive council member of the terrorist group.

MİT occasionally carries out operations in Syria to eliminate top brass within the terrorist group in precision strikes.

According to security sources quoted by Anadolu Agency (AA), Çadırcı was code-named both “Esad Faraşin” and “Esad Avrupa” because of his operations in Europe before.

It was determined that the members of the council would not meet for security reasons and were based in different regions of Iraq, Syria and Europe while not venturing out of hideouts except for special meetings.

Çadırcı had been part of the PKK since its establishment, worked in Europe in the years 1997-1999 and in Iraq’s Qandil in 2000.

It was determined that Çadırcı, who worked as the so-called Moscow official of the PKK/KCK between 2008 and 2010, has been in the so-called executive council of the PKK/KCK since 2018.

Having learned that Çadırcı, who is in the red category on the list of wanted terrorists and wanted by Interpol with a red notice, is in Syria, the MİT conducted a recce in the city of Qamishli. A resulting operation organized by the MİT eliminated the terrorist.

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