Alexander Dugin
Once we have established ourselves as a sovereign civilization, we need to change the dominant discourse. What everyone was afraid or embarrassed to say before (what the world community will think of us in the West …) must now be stated clearly and openly.

So let’s say: we urgently need to begin the revival of the Russian people.

That’s right. Otherwise, all sorts of manipulations with labor migrants – even the most friendly ones – will only aggravate the situation and increase instability. Migrants are not the solution to the demographic problem of the disappearance of the Russian people. This is an axiom. Therefore, the solution is different.

The main points are as follows:

  1. Give birth to Russians. Any form of restriction on abortion is good here. But the question is not biological, but social, cultural, ideological. For birth, you need a mother and a father, even more precisely (according to Aristotle) a father and a mother (the father gives the creature a form, and the mother supplies matter, bearing the form). So, you need a family. Russians give birth to Russians in Russian families. Russian dad, Russian mom, Russian children. And behind as a foundation – Russian ancestors. This is not biological production, it is a spiritual sacrament – the creation of the people. Therefore, the birth of a Russian child should receive a special status of a national feat. From the fact of the birth of Russians, we move on to the Russian family.
  2. Russian family and Russian upbringing. It’s not about ethnic identity, it’s about the cultural code. A family is Russian when it thinks of itself as part of the Russian people, shares its traditional values, considers Russian history to be its history, accepts Russian life and its conditions. The status of the Russian family is not about blood and phenotype, but about self-awareness. The Russian family means a lot at the same time. This concept has yet to be revealed more fully. Russians are brought up only in a Russian family. The family forms the structure of the personality. It is not enough to give birth to a Russian, it is necessary to educate a Russian as a Russian. Russian education is the business of Russian families.
  3. Russian society. If you give birth and bring up a Russian child, then you need to provide a suitable society for him – such a society must be Russian. Everything in it is Russian – education, professions, way of life, social structure, patriotic spirit – the Russian attitude to gender, to work, to old age and to death. Russian society should be built on Russian traditional values. If you give birth and raise a Russian in a Russophobic liberal-cosmopolitan society, this will lead to tragedy – both for him and for society. In order for a Russian to feel natural in the world, this world must be the Russian world.
  4. Resettlement of cities. There is an iron sociological law in the field of demography: in large cities, people give birth less than in small ones, and in small ones less than in the suburbs, in the countryside or in villages. Therefore, we want more Russians, we need to move from cities to villages. Everyone should be given land on the most preferential terms, the opportunity to build houses (preferably one-story ones – so closer to the Russian land! – but you can have big ones to have more children), loans (you can get irrevocable, if there are many children or people who have performed feats, or just talented), to conduct gas and electricity. Russian demography will jump.
  5. Russian culture. For Russians, in order to create Russian families, give birth to Russian children, raise them as Russians and send them to live in a beautiful and fair society (after all, justice is our most important traditional value!), the culture of our society should be Russian (and not anyhow, and certainly not the same as it is now). Culture is the most important, even the main factor that determines society. It’s air and it’s meaning.
  6. Russian economy. Russians need a Russian economy – for example, Islamic banking, interest-free loans. The Russian economy willingly admits a society with a market, but categorically rejects a market society where everything is bought and sold (carrots are sold, the rest is obtained by honest labor or by merit). The basis should be rural labor (it created the Russian people), and along with it separate zones of high-tech development, where passionaries who are tired of living in the countryside will be concentrated (it is always the same there, because it is eternity; most Russians will prefer eternity, but someone will rush in time with its dynamics and non-convergence). Russian passionaries will be engaged in a scientific and technical breakthrough in the zones and will invent everything. Russian inventors are the most inventive in the world. There is nothing to worry about, but if you leave them in the countryside, they can bring not only a lot of good, but also a lot of bad. That’s who will live in cities and work in production. Cities will be small, compact and stuffed with the highest scientific inventions. The Russians will fly on them.
  7. Russian faith. Russians need the Russian faith, that is, Russian Orthodoxy. In each locality, construction should begin with the construction of a temple. Russian passionaries (engineers, designers, generals, defencists, soldiers) from cities should also be Orthodox (and who else?). If the Russians do not believe in the Lord God, in Jesus Christ, they will believe in some devilry, little understood and only confusing everyone. And in the Russian faith, everything is said about what a person should be. Holy. Ordinary Russian saints. It’s difficult, of course, but you have to try. And there are examples, but what wonderful inspiring and enlightening examples. A whole host of Russian saints. Heavenly Army.
  8. And what to do with non-Russians? First, the Russian people are open, whoever wants to become Russian, you are welcome. Secondly, Russians love non-Russians, they are interested in communicating with them, studying, making friends. This has always been the case and always will be. Thirdly, the Russian people of the Empire. And they are ready to build it together with those with whom they were united by fate. And in the great continental Empire of the Russians, there is a place for all peoples who are honestly and open-hearted ready to share life with the Russians.
  9. Let’s put the question more acutely: what to do with the liberals? There is a bifurcation here: some will realize themselves as Russians and repent of past delusions (this process is in full swing in our society), some will dissipate by themselves.
  10. And finally, even more acutely: what to do with those who hate Russians? But this is the red line. If they just hate, but do no harm to us and our friends, then we will take this into account, but we will be restrained, trying to explain how wrong they are. If hatred results in malicious crimes against Russians, we will be forced to rein them in by force (since Russians hate war, we are the people of the world).

This is the program of Russian demography, and all the points in it, in my opinion, are of fundamental importance. Of course, you can add something else that I missed. But not much. The Russian demography program should be simple.

Understood, accepted, done.

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