The UAV attack on Russian cities by the terrorist forces of the West (Ukraine is more and more in the shadow of the war unleashed against us by NATO) this night was especially intense. The voices finally fell silent: how is it? Who hasn’t watched? Should have been better protected! Now everyone is starting to wonder what to do next.

The BRIC summit in Johannesburg demonstrates how consistently the institutionalization of the multipolar world is proceeding. 6 out of 7 civilizations (Russian, Chinese, Indian, African, Islamic, Latin American) are consolidating on the rejection of the hegemony of the seventh, Western.

But she is clearly not ready to accept the loss of global dominance and strikes back. Russia feels this blow most acutely.

Through the hands of the Ukrainian Nazis, the West, fighting to maintain hegemony at any cost, is killing Russian people, attacking Russian cities, blowing up Russian military and civilian facilities, shelling peaceful villages and towns. However, there is nothing more peaceful in this frontal war. That’s why she is a war.

Parallel to the military front, where our people heroically hold back the enemy’s fierce offensive and even counterattack, it is necessary to deploy a full-fledged anti-Western front inside. First of all, the ideological front.

It is necessary to start SVO in culture, education, science.

The hegemony of the West has permeated our society very deeply. Gramsci generally believed that hegemony is primarily realized in the sphere of ideas – this is where the NWO should begin. In the realm of ideas.

In our humanitarian sphere, culture, education, the ideas of the enemy still dominate.

Moreover, the West perfectly understands the connection between the idea and the physical battle. It is worth taking one step towards de-westernization or the protection of traditional values, the blow can come through sanctions, through the economy, and through an UAV attack.

What we are dealing with is an integral war. Everything is connected with everything in it – economics with politics, warfare with cultural phenomena, terrorist attacks with processes in the network, information with mass psychology, diplomacy with social engineering, the humanities with the struggle for technological leadership and natural resources.

The West has a main control center for all these levels of waging an integral war against a multipolar world – against 6 civilizations. Everything is used there – agent networks, westernized elites, Western attitudes and values ​​in society, educational institutions, subversive operations, terrorism, provocation of ethnic and social conflicts, gender psychology, generational characteristics.

Do we have such a center? The question is rhetorical. Clearly not.

And this is natural, because the West has been waging this war against us for a long time, knows what it is doing and strives to maintain its full spectrum dominance as long as possible.

We have barely entered this war, that is, we are only beginning to realize that it is already underway. And they didn’t fully understand.

We are still a civilizational colony of the West. Let the rebel. But the colony

The fight against the West must begin within our society itself. Then the need for an integral war headquarters will be realized.

In the meantime, Western UAVs are attacking Russian cities night after night. It’s good that we got away from irritated indignation. But we still have not yet drawn the real conclusions from the increasingly intense and escalated large-scale war with the West, which is already in full swing. I hope we do. We are always terribly late. But then we catch up.

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