The Turkish police, in a major operation, detained 33 individuals suspected of spying for Israel

Turkish police are conducting a large-scale operation in eight provinces, including Istanbul, where 33 individuals have been detained so far on suspicion of international espionage for the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, reports Anadolu.

The operation is carried out as part of an investigation led by the Department for the Investigation of Terrorism and Organized Crime at the Istanbul Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Information gathered during the investigation suggests that the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad aimed to conduct activities such as reconnaissance, surveillance, attacks, and the abduction of foreign citizens staying in Türkiye for humanitarian reasons.

Arrest warrants have been issued for a total of 46 individuals suspected of engaging in international espionage activities.

Simultaneous raids were carried out by the Turkish police at 57 addresses in eight provinces, resulting in the detention of 33 suspects.

The operation is ongoing, along with the search for the remaining 13 suspects.

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