SDF Kidnaps Kurdish National Council Leader in Qamishli

The Kurdish National Council expressed strong condemnation for the abduction of Hussein.

On Wednesday, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) reportedly apprehended Akram Hussein, leader of the Kurdish National Council – Syria, in the city of Qamishli within the Hasakeh countryside.

The family of Hussein, a prominent figure in the opposition Kurdish National Council, informed Syria TV that Akram went missing after departing from his residence in the Corniche neighbourhood of Qamishli around 11 a.m. on Wednesday.

Akram Hussein, a writer and political activist, presently serves as the chairman of the executive board of the Future of Syrian Kurdistan Movement and holds a position in the General Secretariat of the Kurdish National Council.

According to witnesses from the neighbourhood who spoke with Hussein’s family, they claim that SDF personnel forcibly removed him from his vehicle in front of his house, accusing the SDF of kidnapping him.

Concerned about his well-being, the family reached out to the Internal Security Forces affiliated with the SDF’s Asayish to inquire about the grounds for his arrest and his current location. However, the Asayish informed the family that they had no information about Hussein’s arrest and denied any involvement.

In response to the situation, the family holds the SDF and its leader, Mazloum Abdi, accountable for Akram Hussein’s safety. They are urging the SDF security services to disclose his fate and provide clarity on the motive behind his alleged kidnapping.

Kurdish National Council Condemns Abduction

On Thursday, the General Secretariat of the Kurdish National Council expressed strong condemnation for the abduction of Hussein, decrying “all intimidation practices against citizens.”

In an official statement, the Council’s secretariat called for “the immediate release of Akram Hussein and an end to these practices, which are inconsistent with the most fundamental human rights.”

Kidnapping Activists Continue

Earlier January, an armed group, clad in black attire, abducted civil activist Degwar Tawfiq as he was returning home in the central area of Amuda city in Hasakeh countryside.

SDF intelligence released Tawfiq three days following his arrest. Sources informed Syria TV that his apprehension was linked to his involvement in media activities and his oversight of Kurdish language development and teaching courses at the headquarters of the Kurdish National Council.

On the preceding Monday, SDF intelligence in Amuda City detained Mamdouh Tkhoubi, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party – Syria, the largest party within the Kurdish National Council. Tkhoubi was later released.

Political and media activists in areas under SDF control in northeastern Syria face widespread violations, including abductions and prolonged detentions that, at times, result in the tragic death of individuals due to torture and neglect in SDF prisons.

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