Iran Reinforces Positions in Hama, Deir-ez-Zor and Homs, Withdraws Thousands of Troops From Aleppo

Iran aims to reinforce its forces in its areas of presence in Syria, according to Baladi News.

Informed sources have disclosed that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard militias have withdrawn thousands of Syrian members affiliated with them from the Aleppo governorate. These members were relocated to positions in the governorates of Hama, Deir-ez-Zor, and Homs.

According to the sources, the Iranian militias transferred a force, along with military equipment, from the city of Aleppo to their military positions on the Athria road in the southeastern side of Aleppo, heading towards central Syria.

The command of the Iranian forces in Aleppo directed approximately 2,000 Syrian fighters, who were part of its ranks, to a base called al-Malaf. Additionally, 8,000 fighters in the countryside of the cities of Hama and the Homs desert, specifically in the Sukhna and Taybeh area, were mobilized to points in the countryside of Deir-ez-Zor.

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Iran aims to reinforce its forces in its areas of presence in Syria, leveraging the support it has received from Russian forces at Palmyra military airport. This airport, controlled by the Russian Wagner forces, strategically facilitates the supply of weapons and equipment, as well as the transportation of personnel between Syria and Iran.

In a recent development, an Iran Air cargo plane landed at Palmyra airport in central Syria, carrying figures within the Iranian leadership operating in Syria.

Observers suggest that the supply routes of Iranian militias to Syrian locations have been significantly impacted by repeated Israeli air strikes on Damascus and Aleppo airports.

Recent reports indicate that the IRGC air force has resumed its activity in the ancient city of Palmyra, utilizing the military airport handed over to the Russian Wagner militia in early March 2021.

It was noted that the Russian Wagner militia, in control of the airport, permitted the Iranian Air Force to use it without altering its presence. This usage is part of its efforts to protect Russian investment companies for the al-Jazel and al-Shaer gas fields. Furthermore, it involves the extraction of phosphate ores from mines since 2018, in agreement with the Syrian regime.

Equipment transported from Palmyra military airport to Iranian forces in the past days reportedly arrived through the Athriya-Raqqa road, reaching warehouses of the Iranian forces east of the city of Aleppo after relocating old points and warehouses.

The Eye of Euphrates website had previously uncovered that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard militia and Lebanese Hezbollah had rehabilitated the Mayadeen agricultural airport. This airport is situated on the southern outskirts of the city near al-Rahba Castle, as well as the camps of Iranian militias in the Haidariya area, east of Deir-ez-Zor.

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