Israeli forces targeted the headquarters of the Red Crescent in Gaza

The headquarters of the Palestinian Red Crescent in the Gaza Strip have been damaged due to continuous bombardment by the Israeli military.

Significant damage was inflicted on the society’s headquarters in the Tal al-Hawa neighborhood of Gaza City and the Al-Amal neighborhood in Khan Younis, eyewitnesses told Anadolu.

The Israeli military also targeted vehicles belonging to the humanitarian aid group. The Al-Aqsa Hospital in Tal Al-Hawa suffered significant material damage due to tank attacks.

“The Israeli military deliberately targeted the Red Crescent headquarters and vehicles to render them unusable,“ said Red Crescent spokesperson Raed al-Nims.

He stated that their facilities in northern Gaza have been subjected to the most extensive attacks.
“This has caused a health and humanitarian crisis, especially after hospitals and medical centers there ceased operations,“ Nims said.

He stated that only one medical center affiliated with the society is now operational in northern Gaza to provide first aid services.

He added that Israel has interrupted the delivery of medical aid, assistance, and food to the northern Gaza Strip, exacerbating the humanitarian situation for hundreds of thousands of Palestinians living there.

Humanitarian Crisis

“The Israeli army continues to besiege the Al-Amal Hospital, west of Khan Younis, from all sides, depriving Palestinians there of food, water, medical supplies, basic necessities, and oxygen. The hospital accommodates over 200 patients, medical, and administrative staff,“ the spokesperson added.

The UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) reported on February 7th about the alarming spread of diseases due to the lack of sanitary conditions and clean water.

The overall acute malnutrition in the Gaza Strip has reached 16.2 percent, exceeding the critical threshold set by the World Health Organization at 15 percent.

Following a genocide lawsuit filed by South Africa, the International Court of Justice ruled on January 26th that Israel must refrain from any actions related to killing, attacks, and destruction of the population of Gaza and take all measures to prevent genocide.

However, Israeli forces continue with attacks, with at least 27,947 Palestinians, mostly women and children, killed since October 7th, and 67,459 injured.

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