Coinciding with Promotion of Hundreds of Officers: Bashar Refers 7,000 Soldiers to Retirement

Bashar al-Assad issued an administrative order to retire about 7,000 volunteers, according to Shaam Network.

The Ministry of Defense in the Assad regime’s government announced on Tuesday, January 2nd, the retirement of approximately seven thousand volunteers from Assad’s militias. Additionally, the Ministries of Defense and Interior unveiled the 2024 promotion schedule, encompassing the elevation of numerous officers.

In a statement, Assad’s defence conveyed that the commander-in-chief of the army and armed forces, Bashar al-Assad, issued an administrative order to retire about 7,000 volunteers, including non-commissioned officers and individuals, based on their desire and specific social and humanitarian conditions.

Shaam News Network observed numerous publications by regime loyalists indicating significant promotions across various ranks, including brigades, within Assad’s forces. The Assad regime periodically releases schedules of movements and promotions, some of which are shared publicly, though they are considered military secrets according to sources close to the regime.

Simultaneously, media sources affiliated with the Assad regime reported the appointment of Major General Muhammad Ibrahim Sabbouh as the commander of the special forces. Sabbouh, hailing from the Baniyas region, earned a promotion to the rank of major general as the chief of staff of the 30th Division of the Republican Guard in 2022.

According to regime-affiliated media, Assad oversaw the graduation of the eighteenth session of the command and senior staff, promoting Brigadier General Abdul Rahman Qassem Houria to the rank of major general, assigned to the Third Division militia in the Qalamoun region.

New promotions and appointments also featured Brigadier General Ramez Ali Deeb, Brigadier General Yusuf al-Ali, and Brigadier General Thaer Ajeeb, who assumed the role of deputy commander of the Fifth Infantry Division in the Assad militias. These changes affected dozens of military personnel within the regime forces.

Pro-regime pages disclosed alterations and movements authorized by the head of the regime, Bashar al-Assad, encompassing several high-ranking officers. These changes included prominent individuals associated with military operations and crimes against the Syrian people.

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