Daraa: Assassination Attempt Ends with Clashes Between Air Force Intelligence and Eighth Brigade

Two factions associated with Air Force Intelligence and Military Intelligence clashed in al-Musayfra town, located in the eastern countryside of Daraa, on the evening of Saturday.

The altercation erupted between a local faction led by Mohammed al-Rifai, known as “al-Lahham,” affiliated with Air Force Intelligence, and the Eighth Brigade group, linked with Military Intelligence, following an attempted assassination targeting one of its leaders.

A recording shared by the local Daraa 24 account depicted the confrontation, indicating that two members of the Eighth Brigade sustained injuries, while casualties from the opposing side were not specified.

According to the correspondent of Enab Baladi in Daraa, Musayfra experienced prolonged clashes on Saturday, leading to the retreat of Imad al-Kurdi’s faction, aligned with Lahham, to the village of Umm Walad, situated on the administrative border between Daraa and Suweida governorates.

Three sources within the Eighth Brigade informed Enab Baladi that Musayfra is now devoid of any Lahham group presence, with brigade members initiating a search operation in the town this morning to ensure the absence of such elements.

Although tensions between the two factions are not uncommon, Enab Baladi’s correspondent noted that this instance marks the first time clashes escalated to this extent.

Assassination attempt

According to a source within the Eighth Brigade, the clash ensued when a faction affiliated with commander Imad Kurdi of the Lahham attempted to assassinate a leader from the “brigade” near the Musayfra junction. The targeted leader was returning to his hometown, \al-Nuaima, the gateway to the eastern countryside from the governorate center.

Following the unsuccessful assassination attempt, the brigade intervened, triggering clashes between the two groups. Consequently, the Eighth Brigade gained control of Musayfra and ousted Kurdish members from the area.

Targeting leaders

The recent assassination attempt targeting the Kurdish group was not the first incident involving a leader from the brigade. On January 30, Lahham-affiliated groups raided Musayfra town in an attempt to apprehend former Eighth Brigade commander, Ashraf al-Sayyah.

According to Enab Baladi’s correspondent in Daraa at the time, a detachment from the Air Force Intelligence raided the residence of opposition figure Ashraf Sayyah, but failed to locate him. Subsequently, they extended their search to neighbouring houses.

Sayyah informed Enab Baladi Haniha that the local faction associated with Air Force Intelligence accused him of anti-regime activities, prompting their pursuit of him on these grounds.

Upon the Syrian regime’s assumption of control over southern Syria, Sayyah aligned with the Eighth Brigade and assumed command of a group within the brigade stationed inMusayfra town. However, a targeted assassination attempt prompted him to withdraw entirely from military engagements.

On January 8, Lahham groups raided Musayfra, leading to clashes with local fighters and culminating in the deaths of two members of Imad Kurdi’s faction. This prompted retaliatory actions, including the burning of several houses, including that of leader -Sayyah.

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