Israel strongly criticized the move of four European countries: “It is a reward for terrorism”

Israel has accused European countries willing to recognize Palestine of “rewarding terrorism.”
The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the dispute will only be resolved through direct negotiations between the two parties. Responding to the recent joint statement by four European countries, including Slovenia, expressing readiness to recognize Palestine, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote that such recognition would mean “rewarding terrorism” and only escalate regional instability.

Lior Haiat, a spokesperson for the ministry, stated, “The comments by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez regarding the recognition of the Palestinian state and the joint statement of Spain, Malta, Slovenia, and Ireland expressing readiness to recognize the Palestinian state are a reward for terrorism.”
He added that “recognizing the Palestinian state after the October 7 massacre would send a message to Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations that terrorist attacks against Israel will be rewarded with political gestures.”

“The only way to combat Palestinian terrorism is through unequivocal condemnation of Hamas for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and sexual crimes committed during the attacks on October 7 and ongoing, and to explicitly call for the release of all hostages,” he added.

“The conflict will only be resolved through direct negotiations between the two sides. Any inclination towards recognizing the Palestinian state only postpones a final solution and increases regional instability,” said a representative of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, without elaborating on what solution is meant.

Let’s recall, the prime ministers of Slovenia, Spain, Ireland, and Malta adopted a joint statement on the sidelines of the EU summit on Friday, expressing readiness to recognize Palestine when it becomes possible to do so effectively and under appropriate circumstances. EU summit leaders did not discuss recognition of Palestine but delved deeper into a two-state solution, aimed at ensuring safe coexistence and mutual recognition between Israelis and Palestinians.

Palestine obtained observer status in the United Nations General Assembly in November 2012, and currently, 139 out of 193 UN member states recognize it as a state.

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