Unprecedented Military Surge: Iranian-Backed Militias Bolstered in Western Damascus

Significant military support has arrived in the western outskirts of Damascus from the eastern regions of Homs, according to Shaam Network.

In recent days, significant military support has arrived in the western outskirts of Damascus from the eastern regions of Homs. This influx, unprecedented in scale, bolsters the ranks of the “Afghan Fatemiyoun” and “Pakistani Zainabiyoun” militias.

The initial convoy reached its destination last Wednesday evening, carrying a diverse arsenal on 12 trucks. The cargo comprised ammunition, an assortment of missiles including short-range and locally manufactured ones, Katyusha rockets, along with rocket launchers, mortars, and a variety of military gear. Additionally, 7 Toyota military vehicles equipped with four-wheel drive were part of the shipment.

Originating near Palmyra, the convoy moved towards the village of Rakhla in the Damascus countryside. It transported over 70 militia members of Pakistani and Afghan origin, led by three military and field commanders: “Farhad Barbari” from Afghanistan, and “Ali Mahtab” and “Murtada Khan” from Pakistan.

Upon arrival, the reinforcements were stationed around the strategic locale of Rakhla village, following direct instructions from the Syrian command of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

This mobilization aims to reinforce the Iranian militia’s foothold along the Syrian-Lebanese frontier, particularly in the stretch from Rakhla to the Mount Hermon areas.

A subsequent delivery occurred last Friday morning, comprising 5 trucks laden with drones, missiles, and assorted military vehicles equipped with armed personnel and comprehensive gear.

This batch included a variety of drones such as the Shahed 136, Yasser, Ababil, and Saeqeh, primarily deployed for assault missions by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Syria. The arsenal also featured missiles like the “Fajr 1,” “Zelzal 2,” and “Mithaq 2,” alongside anti-tank weaponry such as “Concourse” and “Fagot,” and numerous launch platforms for drones and missiles.

This equipment was discreetly stored in one of the covert depots of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia in the area, marking a novel phase of military engagement by the Fatemiyoun and Zainabiyoun militias in the western Damascus countryside, especially near the Syrian-Lebanese border.

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