Steel Dome (Still) Not Almighty: Hezbollah Succeeded in Hitting Targets in Israel

The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah managed to hit an Israeli military base in the village of Arab al-Aramshe, despite the anti-aircraft defense system known as the Iron Dome.

According to the information released so far, a total of 19 people were wounded, including 14 soldiers, six of whom are in serious condition, two members of security services, and three civilians.

The attack targeted a military reconnaissance headquarters located in the village of Arab al-Aramshe. Guided missiles and suicide drones were used in the attack.

Hezbollah stated that the attack was carried out in retaliation for Israeli strikes on vehicles in southern Lebanon on Tuesday, resulting in the deaths of four people, including three Hezbollah members, including a field commander. In the Israeli strikes on vehicles in southern Lebanon, four people were killed, including one of Hezbollah’s commanders.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that rocket sirens sounded in Arab al-Aramshe at approximately the same time as the Hezbollah attack. The Israeli army stated that it is investigating why the Iron Dome interceptor missiles were not launched at the incoming Hezbollah rockets. The defense system is programmed to assess whether the projectiles will fall in civilian areas and launch an interceptor projectile only when it is determined to be the case.

According to the Times of Israel, Arab al-Aramshe was largely evacuated. Soldiers were stationed in the town and “may have used the building as a gathering place.” It is unclear why civilians were present.
The Israeli army announced that it responded to the attack by launching its projectiles at locations in southern Lebanon from which it says Hezbollah missiles and drones were launched that landed in Arab al-Aramshe.

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