Iranian President Raisi: Iran’s Attack Toppled Israel; Any Attack By Israel ‘On Our Soil’ Will Be Met With A Harsh Response

At a military parade marking Iran’s Army Day, which falls on April 18, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi commented on Iran’s April 13 drone and missile attack on Israel, declaring that it was “precise and calculated” and that it announces to the whole world and the superpowers, “to America and the supporters of the Zionist regime, that Iran is in the arena, and that our armed forces are ready and waiting for the command to come from the Supreme Leader [Ali Khamenei].”

Raisi stated that “if even the smallest attack is carried out on our soil by the Zionist regime, it will be met with a massive and severe response.” His words suggest that Iran may choose not to respond to attacks outside its territory, as U.S. reports are assessing that the Israeli response will target Iranian interests in the resistance axis.

Indeed, the Wall Street Journal reported today, April 17, citing Iranian and Syrian sources, that Iran is preparing for an Israeli response, and has begun evacuating IRGC personnel from various sites in Syria. According to this report, Hizbullah too is reducing the presence of its senior officials in Syria.[1]

As concerns grow among the Iranian public of a harsh Israeli counterattack, alongside some anticipation that this will also stir up the Iranian people’s resentment against the regime, Raisi claimed that the various branches of Iran’s armed forces act in the people’s interests and are granted legitimacy by them.

Raisi again explained that the April 13 attack on Israel was limited in scope and was intended to “punish” it.

The following are his statements:

“Building Strength, And Building Naval Vessels And Submarines, Tanks, Armored Vehicles, And Smart Systems Can Increase Our Military Might, As The Superior Power Not Only In The Region, But In The World”

“The army stands by the nation and acts to protect the homeland, its territorial integrity, and the values of the Islamic Revolution. Our army has set itself apart from the armies of the world thanks to its faith in God and reliance on divine power.

“Our army is skilled and trained, and possesses updated military knowhow, and this skill sets our army apart. The army is innovative and is equipped with updated technologies. The updated technologies, which prior to the Islamic Revolution [in 1979] were kept in the hands of other countries [and not Iran], are now in the capable hands of our armed forces and army. Iran possesses technological, industrial, and military independence, based on domestic production, thanks to the efforts of our youth in the army, in the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), and in the armed forces.

“Building strength, and building naval vessels and submarines, tanks, armored vehicles, and smart systems can increase our military might, as the superior power not only in the region, but in the world. This might is not borrowed [from foreign knowledge] but is domestically produced. This might is the might of the great nation of Iran. This equipped, modern, and powerful army, as well as the IRGC and our armed forces, are the reason our country is strong. Regional forces can count on our armed forces.

“The armed forces are of the people and stand by the people. They stood by the people during COVID and natural disasters; they are in the heart and soul of the people. Protecting the people, the homeland, and the Islamic Revolution, standing against terrorist groups, and defending the country’s borders are all characteristics of our armed forces. The citizens of the region and of the world are aware of the role played by our armed forces.

Iran’s April 13 Attack “Announced To The Entire World… To America And To The Supporters Of The Zionist Regime, That Iran Is In The Arena, And That Our Armed Forces Are Prepared”

“After the ‘Al-Aqsa Flood’ [the October 7, 2023 attack on Israel], the ‘Honest Promise’ [missile and drone attack on Israel on April 13, 2024] toppled Israel, proving that it is weak as a spiderweb. They [the Israelis] gave the IRGC and the army the authority [to take action], and they were punished for their deed [the killing of Qods Force commander General Zadehi in Damascus on April 1] at the command of the Supreme Commander [Ali Khamenei]. This operation was precise and calculated, and it announced to the entire world and to the alleged armed superpowers, to America and to the supporters of the Zionist regime, that Iran is in the arena, and that our armed forces are prepared and waiting for the command of the Supreme Commander.

“Operation ‘Honest Promise’ was limited in scope. Had it been broader, they would have seen that nothing would have remained of the Zionist regime. But this was intended as a limited operation, to punish the Zionist regime, and to deal with the centers [from which] the actions against us [were taken, i.e. the Israeli bases that launched the operation to kill Quds Force officials in Damascus, according to Iranian claims]. Even the smallest attack on our soil carried out by the Zionist regime will be met with a massive, severe response.

“The American statements do not mention a military option [against Iran] on the table, and this is thanks to the might of our armed forces. The Zionist regime failed in its intelligence, security, and military, but above all, it was a strategic failure. Some [Arab] countries sought to normalize relations with the Zionist regime, but they now stand humiliated before their people, and this was a strategic failure for that [Zionist] regime. On Qods Day [April 5], the people of Iran, and many in the world, cried out to defend the Palestinian people and to oppose the strategy of surrender and compromise [i.e. normalization with Israel].

“Every day, we see more support for [Iran’s] resistance, and more hatred for America and the Zionist regime, and this means victory and pride for our nation. Our armed forces should be proud that today, the banner of supporting Palestine and the resistance has become the banner of all nations and religions. This constitutes a victory for the discourse of the Islamic Revolution and the Supreme Leader of the Revolution [Khamenei].

“I say to the countries of the region: Our military forces create security, make peace, bring strength to the region, and are completely trustworthy. Instead of maintaining ties with the Zionist regime, put your trust in your own assets, the Muslim forces, and in our army and IRGC. There is no need for foreign forces in the region…”[2] [1], April 17, 2024.

[2] Tasnim (Iran), April 17, 2024.

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