When Leaders Chase A Mirage!

Naturally, they tend to fool themselves the most with others being fooled on a little lower scale. Ironically, this harsh reality spells bitter truth not just on the home front but also for those recognized as the most important in this age. What is worse is that this trend is not limited to domestic terrain of quite a few but extends to what seems to be beyond their control. Heading the list is perhaps United States’ “support” for Israel’s genocide against Palestinians. Yes, practically citizens across the world are repeatedly calling for end to this war, which certainly seems to make sense for peace-loving people, including some Israeli Jews but appears to have no impact on United States’ President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Perhaps, it would make some sense if their allies gave a little importance to what the so-called support of United States for continuance of conflict between Ukraine and Russia has led to? What has Ukraine been reduced to? Chances of Russia under President Vladimir Putin yielding to Ukraine seem least likely. The situation would have been different if rather than insisting on continuance of the war, Biden had displayed a wiser diplomatic approach and opted for talks between Ukraine and Russia.

United States’ insistence on continuity of Ukraine-conflict was apparently motivated to cut Russia down to size Washington probably desires. Little importance was given to Russia not being diplomatically isolated in its terrain. Initiation of Israeli war against Gaza prior to cessation of Ukraine-crisis has compounded this situation further. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky never seemed as diplomatically desperate as he appears to be now. He reportedly is willing to give importance to former President Donald Trump’s opinion for ending the war. So wouldn’t it have made sense to end the war prior to letting it last only to spell deaths and destruction for those directly affected?

Give a thought, till recently, United States appeared to genuinely support continuance of the war between Ukraine and Russia. This was further aided by Washington’s anti-Russia stand and “news” spread to favor the same. To a degree, the same may be said about Washington’s support for Israel against Gaza but with a difference. Manufactured news in support of Israel isn’t having the same impact as probably Biden and Netanyahu desire. Rather, anti-Netanyahu news together with plight of Palestinians is having the reverse impact. The explanation is simple. Globally, if Ukraine-crisis had not begun, probably not many people would have learned about Ukraine. Besides, sources of news about this are primarily based on what leaders of the involved countries say. The situation is totally different regarding Israel’s attack against Palestinians. The alacrity with which news about each Israeli strike leading to death and destruction spreads from several sources may be viewed as strongly responsible from the same having a strong impact in most parts of world. This includes anti-Netanyahu protests as well as support for Palestinians even in countries which are allied with Israel. In addition, numerous outlets of social media are playing their part. The same role is hardly visible on the Ukraine-front. It was to a degree earlier, but that has considerably diminished since Israeli genocide surfaced.

Where does this place United States’ diplomatic stature? It appears as if Washington is chasing a diplomatic mirage by assuming that support for Israeli genocide will help all in the world to think as it desires, notwithstanding the role played by limited tools of manufactured media. In fact, even assuming this is equivalent to limiting options in diplomatic quicksand. This probably explains guarded approach of Biden following Iran’s attack against Israel. Please note usage of his words. He certainly has assured “ironclad commitment” to Israel’s “security.” At the same time, he has reportedly specified that US will not support Israel if it launches a retaliatory attack against Iran “overnight.” This stand has also been given substantial importance by media, which apparently is also a strong as well as serious message for Netanyahu to exercise restraint. Tel Aviv does not have any option without Washington’s support. Of course Netanyahu is least likely to take any measure without being assured of Biden’s complete assistance. So far, Biden himself hasn’t gained much by continuance of Ukraine-crisis and not using needed diplomatic pressure on Netanyahu to stop genocide. So, can he afford to risk escalation of Iran-Israel conflict? Iran’s diplomatic position is not as weak as that of Ukraine nor is the country facing the kind of risk that Palestinians in Israel face. Yes, one doesn’t question Washington’s support for Tel Aviv. But if Netanyahu assumes that this diplomatic bond is enough to win against all and on all fronts, what should this be viewed as- chasing a diplomatic mirage?

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