“Just as Putin denied the intention to attack Ukraine, Vucic today denied that a new conflict in the Balkans is on the horizon”: Ivana Stradner warns of escalation in Kosovo and Bosnia in 2024.

Round one was in 2023, round two will be in 2024, warned today Ivana Stradner, research associate of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy from Washington, pointing out, once again, the tightening of conditions in the Balkans.

Just as Putin denied Russia’s intention to attack Ukraine, the president of Serbia today denied accusations that a new conflict in the Balkans is on the horizon, she stated on the X social network.

She reminded that Vučić also said that last spring when his men wounded 90 NATO peacekeepers in Kosovo.

American intelligence agencies, she emphasized, predict a new escalation in the Balkans (Bosnia + Kosovo) in 2024.

“While Serbia is initiating events on the ground, Moscow is fanning the flames”.

Serbia should not send tanks and jets because special operations forces (paramilitary groups or little green men) will achieve their goals… Serbia and Russia are already positioning themselves in the information space (Telegram channels with warmongering messages are growing), warned Stradner.

The West is finally waking up to the threat and many countries have sent more peacekeepers to Kosovo and sent a clear message that they will intervene if Milorad Dodik declares the secession of Republika Srpska.

“Meanwhile, Serbian intelligence has spent enormous resources in the west to convince policymakers that Vučić is a pro-Western guy, but only uses nationalism for domestic purposes and is a victim of Russian influence, but only cares about economic cooperation.

This is complete nonsense because Belgrade is a key Russian partner in the Balkans. Never underestimate Serbian deception as part of its national security”.

While Russia wants to reverse its war in Ukraine, the Kremlin would no doubt like to divert the attention of the West by opening a second front in the Balkans, she stated.

“Putin and Vučić want to show that their will to challenge the West is greater than the West’s will to resist. It’s time to prove Moscow wrong,” concluded Stradner.

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