Danas interlocutors on the split in the SPN coalition: We will see who will “autovate” as Milica the “liar” and who as Vuk Jeremić, the film will definitely be for the Oscar

“The split in the coalition of Serbia against violence was met with some sensationalism, but in my opinion, it is a false dilemma. The SNP had the function of showing that the opposition can achieve a significant result despite the unfair election conditions. Now, when it is consolidated, it doesn’t matter whether it will go in one or a couple of columns”, Bojan Vranić, a professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences, told Danas, commenting on the split in the coalition Serbia against violence.

He adds that it is important that the columns are ideologically meaningful, that the voters who voted for the SNP can identify with them in the new elections.

Srećko Đukić, the retired ambassador, thinks that it is unfortunate that there was a split at the last moment and that the government succeeded in this.

“The opposition coalition was on the best path to force the government to adopt most of the demands.” Some were slow. Error. The best chance was missed. The fight must continue. The international community is still counting on the Belgrade government, which still has two or three years to deliver the promised results, Kosovo and the RS”, this diplomat assesses.

Slobodan Prvanović, a scientific adviser, points out that he regrets that some parties decided to go to the elections on June 2, despite the notorious fact that none of Odihr’s recommendations have been implemented.

“By going to the elections, they will present a victory to the ruling regime, which essentially lost in Belgrade in December, and repeated elections were requested in order to verify the victory of the opposition at that time,” states Prvanović.

He adds that now some parties will “on a plate” give them the legitimacy to lead Belgrade for the next four years.

“The split of the coalition is a necessary consequence of the fact that some parties, in principle, did not want to participate in the election fraud, and I absolutely support them in that,” states Prvanović, who was also a member of the parliamentary committee for monitoring the election campaign.

And Đorđe Vukadinović, the editor of “New Serbian Political Thought”, points out that you don’t need to be a great expert to see that the split within the coalition of Serbia against violence is definitely a bad thing.

“And not only for that group, but also for the opposition as a whole.” And it certainly further increases the apathy and mood within the opposition political corps. I am afraid that in this respect the damage has already been done, regardless of what will happen,” concludes Vukadinović.

Dragomir Anelković, a political analyst, says that the coalition was created to overthrow the Vučić regime.

“Now that there is a real chance that the European Commission, on the recommendation of the European Parliament, will take the position that last year’s elections were stolen, the authoritarian government is more vulnerable than ever before.” An active boycott would put her in a very difficult position. In such circumstances, part of the SPN agrees not to repeat the election fraud and offers Vučić a helping hand. It is clear to anyone who wants to think about it,” Anđelković states.

According to him, it is a dirty deal with the regime and it has led to a split in the opposition. It is up to the opposition-minded citizens to punish those who caused this at the expense of SNS.

Igor Avžner, a marketing expert, estimates that since the elections, all to the elections, or all to the boycott, the opposition has chosen, some to the elections, some to the boycott. The winner, as always, is the one who divides – Vučić.

“Pushing sheep in a pen is characteristic of an endangered herd.” Relaxed finances, by entering the Assembly, will allow the sheep to be separated, and each individual is easier prey than an attack on the herd. We will definitely watch a lost battle, before it even happens. Instead of choosing the lesser of two evils, they chose the third option, which only suits Vučić. All that remains is for us to sit down, prepare the popcorn, when the sheep were not ready, and see who will ‘car’ like Milica the Liar, and who will be like Vuk Jeremić. The film will definitely be for the Oscar,” concludes Avzner.

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