IDF eliminates top Hamas terrorist, destroys Gaza terror infrastructure

A key terrorist in the Al-Bureij Battalion of the terror organization Hamas has been eliminated in a joint operation by the IDF’s 99th Division, the Intelligence Directorate, and the Shin Bet.

Air Force aircraft, under the direction of the three coordinating units, attacked and killed the terrorist Salah Jamil Muhammad Emad, the head of combat assistance in the al-Bureij battalion.

In the attack, several other terrorists who were with him in the terrorist infrastructure of the organization were eliminated.

All the while, soldiers in the 99th Division, including the combat teams of the 2nd Brigade, the 679th Brigade, and others, continue to eliminate terrorists and destroy terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza Strip.

In another attack, three Nukhba terrorists were eliminated, some of whom took part in the terrorist attack on October 7.

Nukhba Force are naval commandos in a special forces unit of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas.

What has the IDF been targeting in the Gaza Strip?

At the same time, Gaza Division soldiers attacked a Hamas launching area, which contained rockets that were ready to be launched to Israel’s south, with artillery fire.

In the past day, fighter jets and aircraft of the Air Force attacked additional terror targets in Gaza, including military buildings, terrorist infrastructures, and weapons warehouses. In one of the attacks, a fighter jet struck a building where a sniper was staying who posed a threat to the Israeli soldiers on the ground. In another, two terrorists who were operating near a launch site were attacked.

Air Force aircraft directed by the Gaza Division killed three Hamas terrorists in the Jabaliya area, including a deputy company commander and two other terrorists from the organization.

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