What goes around comes around – how a German invention becomes a doomsday tool in Europe, curtsey of Hamas and Hezbollah

Amphetamines have been around for more than a century, used to overcome ADHS, sleep deficiency and obesity. Well-known as Pervitin, used by the German Wehrmacht in WWII, it has become a means to overcome fear, fatigue and moral issues. To this day, one of the main derivates, Fenetyllin, originally produced by German Degussa company, has growing demands mainly in Europe under the Brand name Captagon. Captagon is in the news for over a decade, and lately it is invading Germany, Italy and Belgium. This is no coincidence.

We have seen evidence of Captagon use in the IRGC and even in the regular Iranian forces, even as early as the Iran-Iraq war. Shortly after the Arab Spring, Syria became the main Captagon producer in the middle East, supplying not only to their own military, but also to Iran and even to their enemy, ISIS. Soon enough, the word was out and Hezbollah, either through Iran or directly, as they were deeply involved in defending the Assad-regime, wanted a piece of it. They had the distribution capabilities; they had their own drug production and they had the suitable market to sell cheaper drugs. Above all, they had the connections to Latin-American drug cartels. And they actually made a fortune on it. The connection to Hamas in southern Lebanon came in handy much later, when this network hit Europe. Hamas, at that time, was just another customer, using Captagon as a recruitment incentive for the most violent and insubordinate criminals, turning them into restrained robot-like killer units.

Shortly after ISIS was defeated, at least that’s what it looked like at the time, there was a market overflow, prices were lower than ever, and the drug cartels had an inexpensive opportunity to test how the drug will catch on. It did, but less than expected. At the time it is not quite clear how it came about, whether someone amongst the distributors utilized a grand design, or whether Hamas brought up the idea to the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. However it came to pass, one thing is clear: the repercussions were immense, causing the scheme to slowly unfold. If it weren’t for the Ukraine war and China allegedly pushing Fentanyl into Europe (not Fenetyllin), every news station in Europe would cover it on a daily basis.

What really caught on as Capatgon hit Europe, was that the immigrants coming from consumer countries, mainly Syria and Lebanon, including Palestinians, North-Africans and Sudanese, became the natural basic market. Soon the Muslim aid apparatus of the Muslim Brotherhood, who is always eager to take over every aspect of live of the Muslim population, especially in Europe, understood the potential of Captagon, and started to distribute it in mosques and Muslim schools to anyone, for free. The followers grew in number very quickly. In neighborhoods with a high percentage of Muslims the drug started to prosper in schools. The Muslim students picked it up in the mosque, came to school with it, and gave to friends, sold it to make some money, and easily convinced non-Muslims to come and visit the mosques, to get some for free. Captagon use in central Europe is on the rise, reaching new records in Germany, were the drug originated. It makes peace-loving Muslims into obedient servants to the Muslim Brotherhood. It draws more and more non-Muslim immigrants into converting their religion, even including a growing number of the local young Christian population diverted from their churches to the mosques and then converted to islam, or just march the streets for the Islamic cause, in some cases leading to uncontrollable vandalism und brutality.

There has been undisputable evidence pointing directly at non-governmental entities in Turkey, may they be motivated businessmen and/or Hamas owned companies, and at Qatar, which undoubtedly is the main financer of MB activities in general.

Local authorities seem to have lost control, in Belgium and Italy a large number of Captagon pills are caught on the borders, but it seems that this is only the tip of the iceberg. In Germany they want to change the rules, which helped to convince lawmakers to make cannabis legal and weaken the market for Captagon. For now, it seems like having a cup of herbal tea to fight off cancer.

Good luck with that.

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