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First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece to visit Azerbaijan

Mr. Dimitrios Kourkoulas, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece will visit Baku on 6-8 March, 2013. He will meet with members of the Government of Azerbaijan, according to the Greek Embassy in Azerbaijan. He will also lead a business delegation which will participate in the Greek-Azerbaijani business forum.

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Serbia Refuses to Give Reparations to Sjeverin Victims

Twenty years after 16 people were abducted and killed by Serbian paramilitaries, the families of the victims have still not received any reparations, as the state does not recognize them as civilian victims of war.On October 22 in 1992, 16 Bosniaks from the village of Sjeverin in the Sandzak area …

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Albania Eyes Prize of EU Candidate Status

After being shunned for two years in a row, Albania expects to obtain EU candidate status on Wednesday, though such a recommendation will likely come with a host of conditions.The European Commission is expected this week to recommend granting EU candidate status to Albania, “considering the improvement in the political …

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