Cyrillic signs in Vukovar taken down by Croatian veterans

The bilingual signs with Latin and Cyrillic script which were installed on the from the Vukovar government, police and tax administration buildings on Monday morning were taken down soon afterwards by several dozen Croatian veterans who defended the city which was devastated by Serb forces in the 1990s war.

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Serbian Deputy PM says Belgrade and Zagreb have the obligation to make violence impossible

Serbian Deputy prime minister Vucic said on Saturday that politicians in both Belgrade and Zagreb have “the obligation to make violence impossible”. “I’m convinced that our countries will never again confront each other,” Vucic said.

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Serbia ready to drop genocide case if Croatia does it first

Serbia said that it is ready to drop its genocide case against Croatia at the International Court of Justice, but only if Zagreb drops its own lawsuit against Belgrade first. “It should be noted that we didn’t file charges against Croatia [first], but that Zagreb did it first… Our lawsuit …

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