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The West’s Fatal Attraction To The Islamic Republic Of Iran

For more than a year, the Iranian population has taken to the streets to ask for more rights and more jobs. However, it seems that the West became aware only now of the existence of demonstrations in Iran against the dictatorial regime. The Iranians have tried in every possible way …

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US extends military support for Iraq’s Kurdistan Region

The renewed agreement entails further steps to reform peshmerga forces as Pentagon aims to prepare Iraq’s forces for long-term self-sufficiency. The United States renewed its agreement with Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on Wednesday to continue providing security support in the wake of the war against the Islamic State (IS). …

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Syria’s Kurdish forces thwart major attack on Islamic State prison camp

Botched suicide bombings came less than two weeks after the top US general in the Middle East sounded the alarm over security and humanitarian conditions at al-Hol camp. Four Islamic State (IS) fighters are dead and one has been captured after attempting a suicide attack this week aimed at the …

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