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A Squad of the Russian invaders was eliminated nearby Trti-Kotar

A representative of the Headquarters of The Eastern Front of the Armed Forces of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (CRI)  (the Commander Amir Mus-Hadisov Sultan) told the Kavkaz-Center Information Agency about that on the eve in the evening Mujahiddeens eliminated a squad of the Russian aggressors on high ground  nearby the …

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Russian secret services behind anti-NATO protests in Ukraine

About 200 US reservists, whose arrival in Crimea in southern Ukraine sparked anti-NATO protests, will leave by Monday, but planned military exercises may still take place, Ukraine’s navy quoted by AFP has said. “Half of them (reservists) are in the process of taking buses to Simferopol from where they will …

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Non-aligned states to back Tehran at IAEA meeting

VIENNA (Reuters) — Non-aligned states will back Iran’s right to nuclear fuel production at a UN meeting this week, unmoved by US calls to join efforts to get Tehran to stop enriching uranium, diplomats said. UN Security Council powers are waiting for Iran to respond to an offer they made …

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