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Losing Control of the U.S. Border

Already this year, the number of non-Mexican apprehensions has far outpaced last year’s total in just eight months. And while they are still a relatively small percentage compared with the number of illegal Mexicans, critics say the federal government’s policy in dealing with them is far more dangerous.

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US reinforcements take up positions in Baghdad amid new warning of civil war

BAGHDAD (AP) — US soldiers sent to reinforce security in Baghdad were seen for the first time on the streets of the capital Saturday as Iraqi police used loudspeakers to reassure people that the Americans were there to protect them. But at least 21 people were killed or found dead …

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4 Palestinians die in Gaza air strikes

RAMALLAH — Four Palestinians were killed Saturday in two separate early morning Israeli air strikes in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah. The first air strike killed a 16-year-old girl, Kifah Natour, and her brother, Amar, 15. Their mother, Huda, 50, and four other people, including their 13-year-old brother, …

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