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Europe’s Radical Right Is Formidable—but not Unstoppable

Radical-right forces are already influencing EU policies and could determine the bloc’s future direction. Yet internal divisions give mainstream parties a tactical advantage in this pivotal election year. Europe’s political landscape is changing rapidly, with the dominant trend favoring the radical right. Such parties are already in or supporting five …

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Putin and Xi’s Unholy Alliance

Why the West Won’t Be Able to Drive a Wedge Between Russia and China Just a decade ago, most U.S. and European officials were dismissive about the durability of the emerging partnership between China and Russia. The thinking in Western capitals was that the Kremlin’s ostentatious rapprochement with China since …

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The Only Way for Israel to Truly Defeat Hamas

Why the Zionist Dream Depends on a Two-State Solution The war Israel launched on Hamas after the group’s horrific October 7 attacks is a righteous mission. Hamas fighters massacred hundreds of innocent people, deliberately killed children and the elderly, and raped and mutilated women. They abducted hundreds of civilians—including women, …

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