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Ahmadinejad defiant as EU, Iran talk

NEGOTIATORS FOR IRAN and the European Union met Wednesday in Berlin for talks amid suggestions the US might be willing to defer seeking sanctions for a few weeks if there is a chance for a diplomatic resolution of the dispute over Iran’s nuclear programme. EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana …

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Russian troops to deploy in Lebanon soon

BEIRUT (AFP) — Russian troops are to deploy in Lebanon soon for the first time in more than 200 years, with a small contingent being sent to build bridges — not only real ones but also geopolitical ones. As a member of the Middle East diplomatic “Quartet”, Moscow is grouped …

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Conflicted Gazans send mixed messages

JABALIYA REFUGEE CAMP — Khalil Madhouni, a balding, middle-aged baker in this particularly squalid patch of the Gaza Strip, goes from fighter to peacemaker in the time it takes him to scratch his round belly with flour-caked fingernails. “War forever,” the angry-eyed bread maker growls when asked if the ruling …

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