Basayev: ‘we strike across the Central Russia’

As many Russian experts assumed, the reason of so-called “technogenic catastrophe” in Moscow and in the Moscow district, were actions of the Chechen Mujahideen. It is said in the message which Kavkaz Center received today.

Kavkaz Center agency has received via e-mail a brief statement of Military Amir Abdallah Shamil Abu-Idris (AKA Shamil Basayev) that on 24-25 May, sabotage groups of Mujahideen have conducted a successful special operation in territory of Moscow and the Moscow district, having put out of action a power supply system of the Central region of Russia.

«Our sabotage groups have delivered a sensitive blow on one of the most important systems of ability to live of the Russian empire. The result of the special operation has surpassed our expectations. At the present, we’re gaining information on consequences of our strike across the Central Russia. While I can tell only one – the Russian authorities impudently lie, hiding the true reason of “technogenic catastrophe” try to hide very serious consequences of the special action conducted by us.

While I shall be limited to this brief statement, by not opening the important details of special operation as the serious analytical estimation is at present carrying out, both our actions and actions of the enemy.

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