Russian-Chechen War is the Kremlin’s last agony

The bloody alliance formed of the union of gangsters and KGB agents be definition cannot govern Russia in conformity with the time and its needs. The whole antinational policy of Putin and his KGB team is based on the old and tenfold failed scheme of government. Unrestrained extent of the State machinery, reign of Russian mafia, centralization of government driven to absurdity, working quasi-ideology – “security of the country” and “combating terrorism” implying suppression of dissidence cannot be called otherwise but the way to the nether world.

It is interesting that we have already had all that. History repeats itself . Once it is tragedy , for the second time – it ‘ s farce . Today we are witnessing a farce in it most disgusting form. And it is terrifying that in this farce is involved the so-called Russian intelligentsia which has turned into a prostitute satisfying the most perverted whims of Putin’s regime.

One cannot speak about Putin’s regime as something sensible or having any promise. The government headed by egg-shaped Fradkov unable to secure peace of the citizens, is a political impotent, and should not be called a government.

Not war but peace in Chechnya should be priority for Russia if she does not want “to commit suicide”. But Moscow is looking in reverse direction, maintaining the “eternal” Russian-Chechen war.

It makes the impression that Putin’s Russia is interested in the existing instability. Only in the case of brain fever one can believe that it is possible to achieve peace and order through brute force and blood baths.

The Kremlin camarilla headed by its hobbling deity cannot initiate moving of Russia toward progress. One ought not to look back, and Putin’s clique is pathologically unable to advance, they are moving back, or at best, is marking time, having got bogged down in the bloody “Chechen adventure” which leads Russia to inevitable disaster.

I am not exaggerating at all; I simply forecast the end of this political mob which governs Russia today. It is a matter of time only.

By the highest standards, it is obvious that true interest of Russia is not in bloody war against the Chechens but in lasting peace in the Caucasus and solid border with independent Chechnya .

But Russia’s good-for-nothing rulers are parroting at every “international crossroad” that Russia has vital interests in the Caucasus, the same as the US, but these interests should not exceed the bounds of absolute necessity and legal regulations of the international law – in other words, Russia oversteps the limits of international jurisdiction, and dooms the Russian people to hopeless existence beyond the legal limit.

Putin and his court junta undermined the principles of their rule themselves, having lost the ability to evaluate the constantly changing situation in Russia as well as all over the world. They have blocked all channels of information access and free trade turnover for the population and ruined the army in Chechnya , having turned it into a herd of aggressors, violators, marauders, torturers and criminals. Today the situation is even worse than yesterday.

Russia has forgotten that Chechens also have their vital interests on the land of their ancestors and historical home. Disregard of this situation is much greater absurdity than the Kremlin’s military adventure in Chechnya .

The strategic interests of Moscow ‘s expansionistic policy do not change. Moscow exhibits cannibal expansionism that leads Russia to the inevitable collapse.

Today Putin is in a rush, trying to restore yesterday. It is obvious even to a blind man. The Russian-Chechen war is the Kremlin’s last agony that will be followed by death. And despite the strict silence of the so-called “bureaucratic Russian people” this death is coming at a rapid pace.

The Russian nation is practically dying out in the true sense of the word. Putin and his distracted clique are stubbornly trying to impose their impious will on the Chechen people, expending the unheard-of human resources and economic energy of Russia .

But Putin has senselessly sacrificed the interests of Russia to his mean perversions and he has given up not only the Chechen people – the historical enemies of the Russian empire, but also hundreds of thousands of Russians.

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