Russia is unable to subdue the Chechen Republic

Lately Putin has begun to speak much about “elections” in the pro-Russian “Chechen parliament”. He also mentioned it in his annual application to the Federal assembly. But this is mere words and demagogy, as it is impossible to solve the problems of the country, which is at war with Russia by means of this authority, in advance doomed to kowtow to the Russian invaders.

Certainly, the concept “Chechen parliamentarism” is well-known to Chechens – the first parliament was elected at the first President of the CRI Johar Dudaev, then at the third President of the CRI Aslan Mashadov. Now it is quite different. Now it is the question of a puppet body, which should serve to the Russian occupation. As they say, it is clear even to a fool, what kind of “parliament” it would be, if its working capacity will depend only on Russian bayonets.

Let alone that “elections” will be an elementary farce and will not be acknowledged by anybody, except for Russia and several Arabian “public figures” recruited by Putin at the beginning of his espionage activity.

The Russo-Chechen war, certainly, will proceed not within the precincts of Kadyrov-Alhanov’s “parliament”, but in streets by means of operations between Russian invaders and heroic fighters of the Chechen Resistance.

Besides, different pathological scum like Kadyrov’s, Alhanov’s, Kakiev’s, Yamadaev’s supporters and other degenerates behave with brutality against their own people on the party of the Russian invaders.

Proceeding from the Chechen realities and historic facts it is possible to approve, that the leaders of these vermin and their nasty “troops” remain “the pro-Russian party” until there are Russian occupational armies in the Chechen Republic. Also as soon as they have to leave, all this evil spirits will follow them, as midges follow carriers of intra-uterine manure. And those national-traitors, who do not have time “to leave”, will be executed by the fair court of fighters of the Chechen Resistance.

Instead of creating toy “parliament of the Chechen Republic ” and to create visibility of normalization of “the peace life”, it is necessary for Russia to leave the Chechen Republic quickly.

As Russian invaders could not win and subdue the Chechen Republic, convincingly lost the First Russo-Chechen war, and do not want to admit the loss of the Second one, though they have also lost it in all items, the most reasonable thing would be to give Chechens independence and to leave them alone. As there is no Russian population in the Chechen Republic , except for the invaders, unlike, for example, in the independent countries of Baltic and the CIS.

Why do people die, as the Russian mercenaries do, for other’s interests, for Kadyrov’s, Yamadaev’s, Alhanov’s clans and other Chechen national-traitors, for those, who make profit of sufferings of their own people?

Is there any reason for Russia in it? Now it turns out, that Putin as though has hired out his “army” to Kadyrov and Alhanov, thus not having special compensation for it, except for the stolen from the peace inhabitants of the Chechen Republic goods.

Today Russia needs to erect high-grade frontier with the Chechen Republic Ichkeria. It is not a super long border as with Kazakhstan , for example.

The CRI is a small state and Russia is able to equip the boarder with it properly. It is necessary to protect it well – and there will be peace and calmness in the neighbor regions, as well as in Russia .

It is possible to object, certainly, having referred to the popular now among the Russian politicians “principle of domino”. They say, that Ingushetia, Dagestan , Ossetia will follow the example of the Chechen Republic , but I am deeply convinced that it will not happen. And the reasons are the following.

The matter is that other Caucasian republics are not so homogeneous in their national structure. They are motley like a scrappy blanket. The same is with Dagestan , for example. And there are not so many Kabardians and Balkarians in Kabardino-Balkaria.

They say, history supposedly repeats, “the principle of domino” will work. In my opinion, it is a hackneyed axiom. The majority of the population united with this idea should be formed in any territory for its separation.

As a rule, the nation, populating it, is such a majority and this nation should be rather great in quantity. We do not see it in the case with the North Caucasian republics.

And the Chechen Republic has already proved to the whole world, that in any case it will dump the occupational yoke and will become free and independent.

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