20 invaders killed and wounded in Noviye Atagi firefight

The representative of the Chechen command reported to Kavkaz Center News agency about 15-hour-long fight in village Noviye Atagi, which has begun about 19 o’clock in the evening on 16 June and has come to the end in the morning on 17 June. A group of Mujahideen who held positions in one of the private houses, managed to kill 8 and wound 12 invaders. No information reported about possible losses from Mujahideen side.

The representative of the Chechen command said that the mobile group of Mujahideen managed to get out of the sealed off house having broken through a ring of a cordon. It is also reported that the Russian side used heavy armament–tanks and BMPs. After several attempts of storming the building as a result of which invaders suffer casualties, Russian aggressors all the night long fired at the blocked house from tanks.

Let’s us remind that occupational command stated that five Mujahideen were killed and the house in which they were, was destroyed during a special action in village Noviye Atagi in the afternoon on June 17. Thus, it was affirmed that there was not any losses from Russian side. However already in second half of day invaders have admitted that bodies of the killed Mujahideen were not found, in spite of the fact that the house has been totally wiped out by tanks and BMPs. The version about discovering some underground bunker with communications network, which Mujahideen used to get out of sealed off house, was stated.

At the same time, according to radio Liberty, 4 Russian invaders were killed and 12 were wounded during the combat in Noviye Atagi.

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