The Review of the 301st Week of the War

For the last week fighting activity in the territory of the ChRI and in the whole Northern Caucasus has decreased a little in comparison with the previous weeks, but, nevertheless, invaders and their henchmen continued to sustain significant losses. In the war communiques the capital of the country, city-hero Johar, was mentioned 5 times the Kurchaloi, the Vedeno, and the Shelkovskiy regions – 4 times, the Urus-Martan region – 3 times, the Nojai-Yurt region – twice, and the Naurskiy, the Groznyy-rural, the Shali, and the Itum-Kali regions of the ChRI were mentioned once each.

According to our generalized data during fighting collisions and diversion operations of the Chechen fighters, the opponent has lost 81 killed and about 60 gangsters wounded. The following techniques of the invaders were completely or partially destroyed: 1 armored troop-carrier, 5 trucks (including 1 armored “Ural”) and 4 cars (including 2 armored “UAZ” and 1 minibus “UAZ”).

The fight, which proceeded since Thursday evening till Friday morning with participation of 5 Chechen mojaheds blocked by 200 invaders at support of 10 units of armored techniques in one of the apartment houses of the settlement Novye Atagi (the Shali region of the ChRI) received the widest resonance in mass-media. In the beginning the invaders insisted, that they had no losses, however according to the information of the “Radio Freedom” received from the invaders who had participated in the fight, the losses of Putin’s terrorists, made16 gangsters killed and wounded. Having had the many hours fierce fight, the Chechen fighters, having punched the dense ring of siege, left the settlement alive and safe (invaders approve, that mojaheds went away “by a secret underground tunnel”. Possibly, Shabalkin found one of the branches of the underground tunnel “Bombay-London” in Novye Atagi).

The official chronicle: on the 16 th of June the Chechen mass-media published the Decree of the President of the ChRI A-H Sadulaev about assignment of the Minister of National Security Dokku Umarov to the post of the Vice-President of the ChRI. The text of the Decree says: “In the name of Gracious and Merciful Allah! Following the item 75 of the Constitution of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria and “The Law on the Martial Situation”, on the basis of the decision of the State Defense Committee – Madjlisul Shura of the ChRI, I decree: 1. To assign Dokku Umarov to the post of the Vice-President of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. 2. The decree inures from the moment of signing”. The Decree is dated the 2 nd of June, 2005 .

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