At least 11 killed as blast hits three army trucks Dagestan

New reported comes from Makhachkala. At least 11 Russian invaders from so-called Special Troops were killed as a result of bomb explosion on Friday. 21 invaders were wounded. However, the death toll may rise since three army trucks were undermined.

It is also reported that the killed and wounded invaders are members of armed gang of “8-th group of Special Troops of Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.“

The explosion happened at around 2:20 p.m. local time outside public baths on Akayev Street where three army trucks GAZ-53 with Russian invaders onboard were approaching.

The blast was the equivalent of about 10 kg of TNT, experts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on a place of explosion said to ITAR-TASS. Bombs have been dug in the ground near to a bath where invaders usually come.

“The bomb have been detonated by remote control. Explosives have been strengthened with the scraps of armature,” – experts noted.

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