The International Force

The modern Russian reality is characterized with that the security officers’ grouping of Putin, gained a foothold in the Kremlin, by virtue of features of its “professional thinking” does not see the real importance of political problems, but as external demonstrations of some “latent threats”, more scale ones, having another underlying reason and other initiators. This specific type of thinking proved to be especially bright after the events in Beslan, when Putin, not having mentioned the Chechen Republic , declared, that Russia had undergone an “intervention” of certain “international forces”, “secretly supporting the terrorists” and using the latter as “a shock force”. It is natural, that at such a “conspiracy” perception of reality, security officers can try to solve these problems only in the mode of “a special action”.

There is a saying: not to see a wood behind trees. However in this case we face a return variant: not to see real trees on the background of an illusory wood. Differently, perceiving the Chechen Resistance as a certain dependent “tool”, used by anonymous “international forces” for solving global problems of a new world-order, Putin and his security officers’ “analytical center” deprive themselves of opportunities to estimate the existing problem really and to react adequately to it. A false precondition always leads to an incorrect estimation of the reality, and the policy, which constructed on an incorrect estimation of the reality, cannot be successful by definition. The actual development of the local Russian-Chechen war up to the scales of the Caucasian one is a proof to it.

The matter is not that there are no “international forces” (as everyone understand, Putin means the Atlantic alliance led by the USA ), interested in an establishment of the political and economic control over breaking up Russia in this or that form. The matter is that, identifying the Chechen Resistance (according to the Kremlin definition – “terrorism”) as “a shock group” of these “international forces”, Putin and his “brain headquarters” overlook the political processes in the USSR in the beginning of the 90 th years. Even a reminder of these processes shows, that Chechens, restoring their state sovereignty, thought of interests of “the international forces” not more, than Russians or other peoples of the USSR .

It seems like they have forgotten in the Kremlin (or pretend, that they have forgotten), that on the 12 th of June, 1990, the Supreme Council of Russia (RSFSR) under Boris Yeltsin’s presidency approved the Declaration on “the State sovereignty of the RSFSR” – the main document, on which till now the international legal status of Russia as a sovereign state is based. For this reason the 12 th of June today is officially celebrated as the “Day of Russia” or the “Day of independence of Russia ” in the Russian Federation . In this Declaration (the Preamble, and also the 4-th and 5-th parts) the right of all former Russian autonomies for declaration of their sovereignty and a creation of independent states is designated. And this right is legally the same legitimate, as the right of Russia to be considered to be an independent sovereign state, as the first, as well as the second one, leans on one and the same Declaration.

On the 27 th of November, 1990, in strict conformity to this Declaration, the legitimate for that period Supreme legislature of the Chechen-Ingush Independent Soviet Socialist Republic – the Supreme Council of the CIASSR led by the Chairman – the first secretary of the Chechen-Ingush republican committee of the CPSU, comrade Doku Zavgaev, abolished the status of “autonomy”, “soviet” and “socialism” and transformed Chechen-Ingushetia into a new state formation of the allied status – the Chechen-Ingush Republic and proclaimed the Decree “About the State Sovereignty of the Chechen-Ingush Republic”. This Decree was soon approved by the Supreme Council of the RSFSR – the highest Russian legislative and legitimate body of that time (see “Vedomosti VS RSFSR” for 1990 and 1991 years).

We shall remind, that then the USSR led by President Gorbachev, who tried to transform the Union on changed – confederative – principles, having achieved signing of the new Allied contract by the union republics, existed. The legality of the Decree raising the political status of the Chechen-Ingush Republic up to the level of a “union republic” in structure of the USSR, was recognized not only Russia, but also by the government of the USSR (see “Reports of meetings on preparation of the Novo-Ogarevo Agreements”, 1991). Moreover: the Chechen-Ingush Republic together with other union republics even was a “signer” of the new allied Contract, the conclusion of which, according to the results of the all-Union referendum, was planned, as it is known, for August, 1991, but it was broken by the putsch of the SCSE.

After the defeat of the putsch the majority of the union republics of the USSR including the Chechen Republic (Ingushetia was peacefully separated from the Chechen Republic and acknowledged itself to be part of the Russian Federation ), refused to sign the new allied contract and declared their full state sovereignty. it follows, that, first, the legitimacy of the state sovereignty of the ChRI is based on the same legal base, as the legitimacy of the state sovereignty of the Russian Federation: to call in question the first one means to call in question the second one as well; secondly, the Russian-Chechen confrontation is not a consequence of intrigues of “the international forces”: its reason consists in the armed aggression of Russia against the sovereign Chechen state with rough violation of all Decrees and Declarations officially approved by Moscow; thirdly, Moscow does not more legislative grounds to consider the Chechen Republic to be “a part of Russia”, as, for example, Lithuania, Ukraine or Georgia.

If someone still has doubts about the legal base of the Chechen state independence, the Contract of Peace, officially signed by the presidents of two countries in May, 1997, between the ChRI and the Russian Federation should finally dispel them. The realities are such, and their essence is that the Chechen state and its Armed forces are at emancipating war against foreign aggression. And the legal content of this fact will not change depending on whether they acknowledge it in Russia or in western capitals. Supporting the aggression of Russia against the sovereign Chechen state, any politician in the West or the East, any international organization cannot legally adduce any motivated arguments proving competency of capture by Russia of the territory of the Chechen state. They also do not try to make comments on the Russian-Chechen war in legal language, referring to the “real-policy” and “pragmatism” that is, actually admitting their speculations and legal bias of the estimations.

As far as the Kremlin is concerned, its estimations do not adjoin not only to the legal party of the conflict, but even with usual logic, and are reduced to propaganda, called to create a “smoke screen” around of the unprecedented by scales and cruelty genocide unleashed by Putin’s junta against the Chechen people. Any war, as it is known, is a continuation of policy. A criminal war can be only a continuation of criminal policy. But the “policy” of Putin is not only criminal – it is self-destructive for Russia because absolutely perverted estimation of the validity lays in its basis. Seeing in the armed structures of the Chechen state “terrorists” and “tools” in hands of “the international forces”, Putin and his surrounding, these, according to the neat expression of Satarov, “grey informers from the last century”, force themselves to deal not with a real opponent, pursuing quite real political purposes, but with a certain virtual image created by propagation and by sick security officers’ suspiciousness.

What has it given Russia ? What military or political “successes” it has reached under the leadership of “grey informers”? the result is one: persistently refusing to stop the “pre-election” massacre and even partially to lower the fault for the bloodshed, Putin and his Lubyanka “strategists” have brought the situation to such a threshold of irreversibility, that now the war will really stop only with disorder of Russia. And here it is already absolutely unimportant, whether such a succession of events interests the notorious “international forces” or not.

Right at the beginning of the conflict the Chechen government demanded only international guarantees of that Russia on the whim would not intrude any more and commit mass massacre in the Chechen Republic . Djohar Dudaev, the first President of the ChRI, agreed to observe all conceivable economic and geo-strategic interests of Moscow – up to re-submitting of the Chechen Armed forces to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation – if Russia acknowledged considering the Chechen Republic to be a subject of the international law. This requirement forced Moscow to intrude into the Chechen Republic twice for the last 11 years and to make, against what the government of the ChRI demanded “the international guarantees”: mass genocide of Chechens. Simultaneously with it “the international community” on behalf of the institutes has shown, that the state sovereignty and an acknowledgement of a country to be “a subject of international law” is not an effective guarantee protecting the country from foreign aggression, if the aggression is carried out by “great powers”: The examples of Afghanistan and Iraq prove it with all evidence.

By virtue of these reasons the Chechen government has clearly realized the most “secret” essence of the modern policy: that to achieve an acknowledgement of the state sovereignty of the ChRI from Moscow and the “world community” is not half-business, but only a formal miser, which does not give any guarantees of either original independence, or of protection against aggressions from Russia. It has realized that Russia should not simply be won and inclined to next “peace” – Russia needs to be won so, that considerably to cure it from its imperial “disease”, from desire to use again the Chechen blood in “PR-technologies” at the next elections.

It has also become clear that for realization of these purposes not only the Chechen Republic should be cleaned from the Russian invaders (including the local puppets), but also the whole Caucasus. The combined efforts of all Caucasian mojaheds are necessary for this purpose. And we see today, how the incorporated with one beginning and realizing the unity of the purposes Caucasian Resistance gets stronger and increases impacts on invaders. The role of the Chechen government is great in its creation, but it is not necessary to forget also about the “merits” of the security officers’ junta of Putin in this business.

Refusing to see a political force with political interests in mojaheds, naming them to be “terrorists”, “shock force” certain “international forces”, Putin and his clique really promoted that the Chechen Resistance would gradually transformed into a powerful international force, because of their atrocities and KGB “special actions”. We really see how the multinational Resistance has turned into a shock force of many people, who are going to finish the pernicious presence of the Russian empire on the ancient sacred soil of the Caucasus once and forever

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