President urges expansion of ties with Baltic states

TEHRAN – President Mohammad Khatami here Wednesday highlighted the importance of bolstering all-out relations with Baltic states particularly Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In a meeting with Iran’s newly-appointed Ambassador to Bosnia, Mohammad Reza Morshedzadeh, Khatami stressed expansion of cultural, economic and political ties with Bosnia and Herzegovina and materialization of bilateral accords already signed by the two sides, IRNA reported.
Pointing to Iran’s participation in reconstruction of Bosnia and construction of infrastructural projects including a hydro power plant in that country, he expressed the hope that mutual relations between the two countries would receive further boost in the future.
The Iranian envoy, for his part, briefed President Khatami on the latest developments in Bosnia. and Herzegovina as well as the status of bilateral ties following President Khatami’s visit to Balkan region. „
Mohammad • Reza’ Morshedzadeh was appointed as the new Iranian ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina on June 21.
Morshedzadeh earlier served as Iran’s ambassadors , to Romania and Malaysia.
Meanwhile, President Khatami here on Wednesday termed relations with the Muslim country of Albania as important and stressed promotion of bilateral ties
Making the remarks in a meeting with Iran’s new Ambassador to Tirana Habib Biazar, he underscored materialization of the agreements already signed between the two countries.
He also stressed the importance of promotion of cultural cooperation in expanding all-out relations be-tween the two states.
Biazar, for his part, outlined the significant situation of Albania which is the only European state with a dominant Muslim population.

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