The Kyrgyz parliament approved a restructuring of the government on Monday.

Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, who had submitted the new Cabinet for approval, “accepted proposals by deputies not to disband the Ministry of Transport and Communications and approved the creation of a State Committee for Migration and Employment,” deputy chairman of the parliamentary committee for law Iskhak Masaliyev told Interfax.

“The president is to continue to oversee the State Bodyguard Service, the National Guard and the National Security Service, even though several
deputies suggested including the National Security Service within the responsibilities of the Cabinet,” Masaliyev said.

“Under the new system, the president will have the right to appoint the heads of certain business entities in which the state holds a stake,” he said.
The parliamentary committees and factions are discussing candidates for ministerial posts.

Bakiyev’s envoy to parliament, Daniyar Narynbayev, told journalists on Monday that “mainly the candidacies of the ministers who have worked with Bakiyev in the wake of the March 24 events have been submitted to the parliament. At present, they are acting” ministers.

“The only new individual is the candidate to the post of health care minister. The president proposed Shailoobek Niyazov, the director of the national surgical center,” Narynbayev said.

Acting Health Care Minister Mitalip Mamytov is the only minister who retained his post after the change of authorities on March 24.

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