Interview of Khadam, the 2nd important character in Syria

One of the pieces of news that has influenced Middle East these days is the recent interview of Abdolhalim Khadam who was the second important person in Syria for three decades. This interview and its immediate effect which was announcing that Asad will be asked by the committee indicated that it was internationally prearranged. The fact is that those who are familiar with the history of Syria and Lebanon know that Khadam was always the harsh face of Syria which was used for combating opponents. Especially because Khadam was dealing with Lebanon case. For Lebanese, the name and decisions made by Khadam in the two previous violent decades reminds fear. When Bashar Asad became president, in the visits I had with his close friends or in the first trip that I took Mr Khatami’s message to him, they were all emphasizing that Syria should adapt itself to the new atmosphere of the world. The atmosphere was in a way that being away from governmental violence implied taking the power away from Khadam. Although Syria tried to approach this atmosphere by keeping Khadam, who was supported by the Sunni majority, away from power but it seems that the B’asi body of the government put Bashar under pressure and reformation did not take place. Anyhow, today when the world wants to punish Syria, they use the harsh face of Khadam and introduce him as a democracy seeking character. This is of course immoral and hurts the people of Syria, but morality does not seem to have any room in politics.

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