The New Situation of Iraq

With its election, Iraq has entered a new atmosphere for which it should be congratulated. In my trip to Emirate, I came across an official board from Iraq in the lobby of the hotel who had come there to extend their condolence on behalf of Iraq. 

The head of the board was residing in Iran at the time of Sadam and I knew him. He said for the Islam-side of Iraq’s regime, we had included more stuff in the draft for the constitution, but Aayatollah Systani said that it suffices if you write that the laws should not have conflict with the definite principles of Islam. He also believed that using the experience of Iran and taking the good points into consideration and deviating from the bad points, have been very important to Iraq. 

I wish we also, in Iran, at the threshold of the anniversary of the revolution’s victory would review the past and strengthen our good points and review our bad points. I asked about the security in Iraq and the blasts and terrorists’ situations. He was saying that terrorists are made of three groups. One group relates to the local tribes which take some actions and in special conditions, it is possible to negotiate with them. Another group support Sadam and Ba’s party. They have the money and know the region well and they are armed. The third group is the supporters of Zarghavi who accept members from the countries other than Iraq. 

The basis of their behavior is religion but because they do not have armor and they are not familiar with Iraq, they have become a good instrument for Sadam’s fans. As usual, those who misused religion for their own purpose, are misused by others. He was telling about Iraq’ election when people made good choices and all the groups took the power in proportion to the number of their supporters in the society. 

I think Iraq can soon become a good model for Islamic countries, the model which is accepted by the world.

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