Insult to Religious Sanctities and the Future of the World

abt_abtahi_pr-n.jpgThe issue of insult to the holy prophet of Mohammad (pbuh) in some western newspapers has had a widespread effect in the world. There are some points to be mentioned here: 

1. There is no doubt that one of the most serious elements that can create widespread unity in the world is religion and religious emotions. The nature of religions is shared sacredness and their preservation throughout the history has kept the religions alive. 

2. According to religions, God and prophets are sacred and they do not consider them the human rank and no one cannot control, by non-spiritual reasons, the anger aroused due to the insult to these issues. 

3. Although political backgrounds and cultural conflicts have influence in making confrontations, the most uncontrollable confrontations occur in the sacred religious fields. 

Taking these issues into consideration and trying to have a world free of violence, the international organizations need to pass rules to immune the defined sacred ideas of all religions like God, prophets and holy books from insults. This is not a religious necessity; this is a social and political requirement for the world to keep humans away from violence and conflict. This is in favor of all humans-even seculars and anti-religions. Maybe that’s why even Vatican condemned the insult to the sacred parts of Islam. Otherwise, there would be the serious danger of revival of religious wars which have taken so many victims throughout the history. 

Combating religious radicalism and making a world free from violence happens by preventing insults to sacred ideas of religions. Even if the west wishes to protect freedom and liberalism, it should stop insults to sacred parts of religions. Of course, muslims should not also insult the sacred parts of other religions in order to defend Islam and Islamic cultural values.

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