Commerce Minister Stresses Removal of Iran-Pakistan Trade Barriers

A0185411.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Minister of Commerce and Pakistan’s New Ambassador to Tehran stressed promotion of the two states’ economic cooperation.

According to a report by the public relations department of the Commerce Ministry, Pakistan’s new Ambassador to Iran called on Iranian Commerce Minister on Tuesday.

During the meeting, Mir Kazemi called for the strengthening of the existing ties between the two states and expressed hope that the two countries could maintain their friendship in the different grounds of bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

He also said that Muslim states are more than ever in need of extensive cooperation and establishment and development of economic ties in the region today.

Mir Kazemi noted the two sides’ joint cooperation grounds and viewed more extensive economic relations to be in need of a deeper identification of each other’s economic potentials.

Reminding that the private sector must be encouraged to identify the potentials of the regional states, he assessed such a move significant in the establishment of regional security and its consequent economic growth and development and expansion of trade exchanges.

The Minister also notified of the formation of expert committees for probing the trade problems in the way of the two countries, and stressed establishment of banking communications, endorsement of preferred tariff agreements, arrangement of specialized fairs and exhibitions by the two countries’ private sectors, active performance of the Iranian and Pakistani chambers of commerce and enhanced efforts for the removal of the problems facing the construction of Iran-India-Pakistan gas pipeline.

The Iranian Commerce Minister also underlined that establishment and development of border markets play a crucial role in maintaining security in the border areas and expressed hope that the two sides could draw up a written and well-regulated plan for logical and developing interactions between the two countries through identification and removal of the existing trade barriers.

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