Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Larijani here Wednesday recommended the US to revise their former approach to prepare the grounds for talks.  

In an interview with the Swedish daily, Svenska Dagblat, he referred to the US past blunders and said that if they revise their attitude, there will be no obstacle to holding talks with Iran. 

“The US should first select the way, given that we are on the threshold of making an important decision. There are two choices and paths. 

“One way for the US is to continue the path it has selected and use the international bodies as tools of power, which will make Iran respond in a similar way. Then holding talks will make no sense,” he added. 

Larijani said that the second choice will be adopting a reasonable approach and as the US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has said, they should accept their past mistakes. 

He noted that the Americans prove their entity through damaging others. 

In response to the question whether Iran is interested in holding talks with the US, the SNSC secretary said that the talks themselves have no particular value, given that they may end up either in negative or positive results. 

In reply to another question by the same reporter whether Iran considers Washington’s rude tone towards Tehran similar to that used prior to the US involvement in war with Iraq, he said that exchange of ideas does not make much sense. 

“We have been living with such remarks for the past 28 years, without ever being influenced by them. I believe that the global peace will be maintained even without such words. The intellectuals should rather present strategic plans for promotion of peace,” he added. 

Larijani said that today most politicians and diplomats do not give much importance to such remarks 

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