Combat actions take place in northern, southern Ichkeria

4811_1.jpgAccording to information of a representative of Chechen Command, Russian military convoys and outposts had come under attack in country’s southern parts of Vedeno and Nojay-Yurt districts on June 19, during the combat operations of Mujahideen. According to the sources, mobile squads of Mujahideen attacked invaders in Shirdi-Mohk, Beti-Mohk, Janni-Vedeno, Eshelhatoy, Agishty districts as well as in Vedeno town.  

The Chechen side reports of the destruction of 2 units of military hardware (URAL truck and BRDM armored vehicle) during these attacks. It is also reported that 6 kafirs and two munafiqs were eliminated, about 10 invaders and collaborators have received wounds. Mujahideen side has got some wounded Mujahideen, but there is no reported dead. Mujahideen did not give any details of operations.


At the same time, according to Russian side, mobile units of Mujahideen have attacked bases of Russian kafirs in the north of the country’s Shelkovsk and Sary-Su villages. Invaders did not give information about their casualties.

Invaders’ Spetsnaz eliminated in southern Chechnya


The spokesman of Military Defense Council – Majlisul Shura of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (CRI) reported that Mujahideen had carried out military operations on Eastern Front on June 18, 2006, in settlements of Eshelhatoy and Hinji-Kotar (Vedeno district) as a result of which Russian invaders’ Special Force Team had been eliminated. According to spokesman 6 kafirs had been eliminated and 5 others wounded in that action. Mujahideen have got a few men wounded. Other details of the operation are unknown.

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