The difficult way to freedom

4814_1.jpgFirst of all, I want to express sincere condolences about the death of Abdu-Halim Sadulayev, President of Chechen Republic. His assassination is yet another crime of Russian imperialism against the Chechen nation.

The way to freedom is difficult. Usually, any nation which defends its right for its own statehood, language, culture and traditions, suffers a lot. But in the last hundred years, the Chechen nation suffered greater losses than any other European nation. This happened because of boundless hunger for power of the rulers of Russian empire: Stalin, Yeltsin, and now Putin.

Yet, the age of Empires is passing away. Gone are Ottoman, British, French, Spanish and other, smaller, empires. Today, the people of their former metropolises have overcome their imperial ambitions. They steadily follow the pass of cultural and technological progress. In spite of all the troubles, these countries set an example for the whole world now. People from various countries dream of going to Europe to study or work – that is despite all the religious and cultural differences.

For several centuries, Russian empire has been the main threat to European civilization. However, after the 1917 revolution, it began to retreat, occasionally striking back, like a wounded beast. By now, all the nations of Eastern Europe, Southern Caucasus and Middle Asia has won their political independence from the Kremlin, and established their own statehoods. Paradoxically, the Russian people, who were used by the Kremlin as canon-fodders and an instrument to enslave other nations, suffered the worst losses in that period.

Today, Russia still remains at the backyard of European civilization. The Russian people still suffer from poverty, lawlessness, cultural decline, slavery-style conscription. The country’s vast resources serve the only goal – to satisfy the ambitions and whims of one man, who is hiding in Kremlin behind the backs of countless bodyguards, armed with nuclear weapons.

Little wonder that the smartest and cleverest of “Dear Russians”, as soon as they become rich enough (mainly through thefts or fraud), hurry to purchase property and bank accounts in London, Paris, or Tel-Aviv. Or even to emigrate to the sunny coasts of France or Spain – the further from their “beloved motherland”, the better.

But, sooner of later, the Russian people shall wake up. They shall refuse to intimidate the whole world to the benefit of the Kremlin slave-owners. Then, the nations of Caucasus, Volga, Siberia shall win their long-awaited freedom.

Indeed, the historical truth is on Chechen nation’s side. As early as half a century ago, the world community, represented in the UN, reached the right and just conclusion: “The right of peoples and nations for self-determination is a preliminary condition of full realization of human rights” (UN resolution #637-A, 16 December 1952).

Yet, the way to freedom is hard and difficult…

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