Russian convoy attacked in Nojay-Yurt district

According to information of invaders’ sources, a Russian military convoy has been attacked in CRI’s Nojay-Yurt district. According to same sources, Mujahideen blew up a remote-controlled mine first and then attacked the convoy automatic weapons. UAZ army jeep and BTR armored troop-carrier have been blown up to destroy. According to invaders, during this attack 1 Russian kafir was killed on the spot and 4 other injured. There is no information about Mujahideen casualties.

National-traitors eliminated in Dagestan


The so-called “chief of Khasavyurt’s regional department on struggle against the organized crime” of puppet Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan Saygidsalim Zabitov and the “police officer” Shamsudin Kachakayev have been eliminated in the capital of Dagestan Shamilkala (former Makhachkala) on Wednesday night.


“About 00:30, the car of Zabitov has been attacked on a crossroads of streets of Nekrasov and Pobeda. Both policemen were dead in the car from incurred wounds”, – the press-service of puppet “Ministry of Internal Affairs” of Dagestan reported.

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