Statement by the Administration of the President of C.R.I

4812_1.jpgIn The name Of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful!

In connection with the death of the President of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (CRI), Abdul-Halim Sadulayev, in accordance with Article 75 of CRI Constitution, Vice President of CRI Dokka Umarov is fulfilling the responsibilities of the President of CRI since 17 June, 2006.

Dokka Hamadovich Umarov, Chechen, was born on 13 April, 1964, in the village of Harsenoi, Shatoi district of CRI. He is a member of the Mulkoi teip. He received a higher education in the field of construction. He is married with 6 children, the youngest 1 month old.

Dokka Umarov has been an active participant in both Russian-Chechen wars. In the first war he commanded the “Borz” special force battalion, which was later re-formed into a regiment. For courage and heroism, shown in combat with the Russian aggressors, he was honored with the highest awards of CRI – “Honour of the Nation” and “Hero of the Nation”; furthermore, he was awarded with with a personal weapon by President Jokhar Dudayev. At the end of the first Russian-Chechen war, Dokka Umarov held the rank of a Brigadier-General of CRI Armed Forces.

In the postwar period, in 1997, Dokka Umarov was appointed Head of the CRI Security Council by President Aslan Maskhadov, and he occupied this post to the moment in 2005, when he assumed the post of Vice President of CRI.

Dokka Umarov was appointed Vice President of CRI by a decree of President Abdul-Halim Sadulayev (No. 012 of 02.06.2005). Simultaneously with this, Dokka Umarov became Director of the National Security Service of CRI, on commission of President Sadulayev.

From 2001 until today, Dokka Umarov has also been Commander of the Western Front of CRI Armed Forces. He received several injuries in combat with the Russian occupiers, including a facial fracture.

Two of Dokka Umarov’s brothers – Musa and Isa – died in combat with the Russian occupiers in the Russian-Chechen wars. Many relatives and friends of Dokka Umarov, including his wife with a baby in her arms, were taken hostage by the Russian occupiers and national traitor formations. The fate of Dokka Umarov’s father, Hamad, who was seized by the occupiers and their servants on the night between 4 and 5 May, 2005, is still unknown.

Dokka Umarov is one of the most experienced political and military leaders of CRI. He enjoys great deserved authority among the soldiers of the Resistance and the citizens of CRI.

We would like to remind that in accordance with Shariah additions and changes of Constitution of CRI that was accepted in the summer of 2002 at en enlarged meeting of the supreme body of government of CRI, State Defense Council (SDC) – Majlisul Shura of CRI, the head of the state is confirmed by the decision of SDC Majlisul Shura of CRI with acceptance by its members the Oath (Bayat) to the head of the state, Amir of SDC Majlisul Shura.

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