‘Bush’s crusade brings terror’

A US-based professor of religion has warned that the world faces a future of “unending terror”, largely fuelled by President George Bush’s preoccupation with punishing the supposed enemies of conservative Christian groups.

Rudolf J Siebert, professor of religion and society at Western Michigan University, likened Bush to a modern-day crusader against Islam and socialism, who masked his political ambitions in the clothing of a reborn Christian.

He was speaking at the World Congress of Sociology in Durban this week.

Siebert labelled Bush a “mass murderer” because of the civilian casualties during the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, but who nevertheless attended the funeral of Pope John Paul II, in the full knowledge that the pope had warned him not to go to war against either nation.

By committing the US to a cycle of retaliation and counter-retaliation, Bush seemed to have cast an endless spell of violence on future

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