FM Calls for Formation of Fact Finding Commission to Verify Israelis’ Crimes

A0208309.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Foreign Minister said as the Zionist regime is completely alien to the UN resolution and other international norms, conscientious people of the world expect an international fact-finding commission to be established to take those responsible for these crimes to an international tribunal.

Addressing an international convention titled ‘Zionist Regime’s Aggressions, Regional and Global Consequences’ here in Tehran on Monday, Manouchehr Mottaki reminded that the Zionist regime’s invasion of Lebanon must be traced in the formation of the so-called Israeli entity round half a century ago.

He said the satanic plot for the creation of the racist Zionist regime on the debris of Palestine was not just the occupation of one country and its consequences were not restricted just to Palestine, “rather, the measure has afflicted the entire region and Arab and Muslim worlds.”

He said Zionists’ invasion of Lebanon is a manifestation of the said fact, which Mottaki said is the latest but not the last instance of its kind.

The Iranian Foreign Minister reminded that following occupation of southern Lebanon by the Israeli army in 1982, the Zionist regime disregarded all the UN Security Council resolutions for 18 years and the international bodies did not succeed or were not willing to force the Israeli regime back to its own borders.

“Once the Lebanese found out that the Zionist regime is alien to resolutions of the UN and other international bodies, they founded their own campaign against the occupiers and eventually managed to make the Israeli army withdraw from their lands in 2000,” he continued.

He also pointed out that the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000 was the first humiliating defeat for the Zionist regime, which was later repeated in Palestine and yielded such achievements as the Zionists’ withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

The diplomat mentioned that the Lebanese and Palestinians are the victims of the Zionists’ aggressions, while the international bodies are not able, or willing to comply with their duties in bringing and end to the crisis, adding, “and this proves the inefficiency of the world bodies in restoring global peace and security.”

He also expressed regret that the UN, Security Council and other responsible bodies have not adopted proper measures in the face of the Israeli regime’s crimes in Lebanon, such as the mass killing of the innocent people in Qana and destruction of civilian infrastructures.

“Yet”, he said, ” conscientious people of the world expect an international fact-finding commission to be established to take those responsible for these crimes to an international tribunal.”

Reminding that the Zionist regime has invaded Lebanon within nine year intervals, the Iranian top diplomat stressed that the military maneuvers by the Israeli army a month before its invasion of southern Lebanon 26 days ago proves very well that releasing the two Israeli military POWs has just served to be a pretext for the Israeli regime to launch an extensive war on Lebanon.

He further pointed to his recent visit to Lebanon and his meeting with the French Foreign Minister and said that during the meeting, Douste Blazi voiced his country’s enthusiasm for acting as an intermediary in the war in southern Lebanon.

Mottaki further pointed to the draft resolution on the ongoing war in southern Lebanon proposed by France to the UN Security Council, and stressed that the resolution is aimed at defending the Zionist regime.

The Iranian Foreign Minister pointed out that the US influence on France’s proposed resolution has made it a unilateral and politically driven measure which serves to defend the Zionist regime.

He mentioned that the said draft resolution assimilates the other operations that the west has carried out against Lebanon and its interests.

To conclude his remarks, Mottaki underscored that Iran supports whatever decision the entire Lebanese society makes.

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