Hezbollah Envoy: New Mideast to Be Formed by Muslim, Arab Solidarity

A0212961.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Hezbollah’s representative to Tehran said that the new Middle-East would be formed by the resistance of the Lebanese nation and solidarity of Muslims and Arabs.

Addressing an international convention titled ‘Zionist Regime’s Aggressions, Regional and Global Consequences’ here in Tehran on Monday, Safioddin mentioned that Zionists’ invasion of Lebanon was aimed at putting an end to the existence of Hezbollah and any other resistant force in the Middle-East and added, “Nevertheless, we witnessed how all the different ethnic and religious groups got united and stood up to the enemy.”

He further described the Lebanese solidarity and unity as the reason underlying Israel’s failure and military defeat in the battleground.

Meantime, he said, “We have now entered a new phase of war which is very sensitive and decisive and will serve as a turning point in the history of wars against Israel.”

Reminding that the objectives and aspirations that the United States and western countries who are the strong and enthusiast supporters of the Zionist regime sought in the Israelis’ imposed war on Lebanon have not been materialized, Safioddin said that the achievements of this war do not just belong to Lebanon, adding, “We believe that all the world Muslims and Arabs are the beneficiaries of the achievements of this war.”

“The new Middle-East is going to be formed with the resistance of the Lebanese people and solidarity of the Muslim and Arab nations,” he underscored.

He also reminded that despite all the crimes committed by the Zionist regime and the mass killings of the innocent civilians, the Israeli army has been forced to withdraw and lose the image it had intended to paint of itself during a long period of time.

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