Independent Report: Beslan Children Were Murdered by Russian Terrorists from the FSB

5434_1.jpgA member of the Russian parliamentary commission for investigation of the hostage crisis in Beslan has published a report confirming that the Russian terrorist organization FSB had fired rocket-propelled grenades at the school with children and that no child was ever killed by the Mujahideen.

 The Novaya Gazeta newspaper published the report titled “Beslan: Hostages’ Truth” by Urii Saveliev, a scientist specializing in physics of explosions. The author reported that the first two blasts in the school, which killed most of the hostages, were caused by the explosive projectiles fired from the 5-th floor of the building across the street. In other words, it proves the information provided by Mujahideen  that the blood bath in the Beslan school was caused by a deliberate action of the Russian secret service FSB.

 The report is based on the testimonies of the hostages, photo and video materials, blasts researches and calculations.

 The first blast on the garret of the seized school was caused by a Russian shot from the ‘Smel'(Bumblebee) rocket flamethrower at 01:03 pm local time. The second blast occurred in 22 seconds and was caused by the explosion of the assault grenade also launched by Russian invaders.  Russian killers stormed the building almost immediately after the blasts.

 The explosion caused a conflagration, which started at approximately 1:05 p.m. local time. An order to extinguish the fire was given almost two hours later at 3:10. The Russian terrorists shot at all the rooms of the school with shells, tanks and other weapons. Most of the hostages, who were able to escape from the building were killed by  Russian shots from the outside of the school. Saveliev reports more than 300 hostages were transferred from the gym to other rooms, about 110 of them were killed by the Russian shooting.

 The report is 700 pages long and includes over 300 photos.

 The siege of Beslan’s School Number One began on September 1, 2004. Three days afterwards the armed  FSB gangs  stormed the school killing  371 people, including 31 Muahideen who sacrified  their lives protecting children from Russian terrorist murderers .

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